Sunday, October 18, 2009

Family and Gripes

First, I'll start with the good family stuff. Yesterday, we went with my parents on a train ride through the country which took us to and from a pumpkin farm. It was cold on the train, but fun was had by all.

CJ in the open air car on the train.

CJ, Sous Chef and Big E

Big E, CJ, MG, my dad, Sous Chef, my mom

CJ after having a "burr" fight with his brothers. As you can see, I do believe he lost the fight, but had a great time nonetheless.

Big E, MG, Jo, CJ and Sous Chef.

And what I would like to point out in this photo is this:

That would be my grey hair shining through that beautiful reddish color hair. Based on this photo, I really think I need to join Deb in her RootWatch '09 project. I wonder if she is still taking on this project, though, as she hasn't posted about it lately.

You might think that my GRIPES part of the title would be those roots. But it's not. I can take care of that in a quick 20 minute process, which I will be doing whenever I get around to it. Based on the photo, that should probably be pretty soon.

However, the gripe is about my extended family, of course. My mom's birthday is this week and my family and my brother and his family are taking my parents out to lunch/dinner. (Should that be called linner? If breakfast/lunch can be brunch, maybe this meal SHOULD be called linner.) Whenever we plan anything on a Sunday, my SIL asks to have it early to mid afternoon, but after church is out, so they can get home and get settled for the school week. So I call her this morning and tell her 3:00. Her response? "Why so early?" WHAT? Really, if you had a specific time you wanted to meet, why the hell didn't you just tell me "X time would be good for us" or just plan the damn thing yourself. But don't get snarky with what I have planned unless I have blatantly done something you did not request!


  1. That's why God made them family. If they were your friends, you would have stopped calling years ago.

    And I'm joining you and Deb on RootWatch '09 - the gray is taking over like kudzu.

    On a positive note, that train ride totally rocks - my boys would LOVE that.

  2. Those are burrs??? I swear to gawd I thought they were hairy bugs. Wondered why he was smiling. So cute!!
    Would you hate me if I said I barely had a gray hair at age 40? And now they are here at 46. And some serious wrinkles. Wish those could be taken care of like the highlights accomplish. Except it has been 14 weeks since highlights. Yikes!

  3. am i crazy or does CJ look EXACTLY like you?? such cute photos.

    i can't help you with family issues. my only advice is just don't ever speak to them again. that's all i know how to do!

    oh, and rootwatch '09 is in its final stages! i am almost completely grown out! i will have to post an update. you are welcome to join me, but personally, i LOVE the red!

  4. cute pictures..

    and the greys peaking through.. I feel ya :)

  5. What a bunch of cutie patooties you all are. Including the top of your head.

    I hear you on the dreaded BFD's (big family deals.) I love them all, but the coordinating makes my head spin.