Monday, October 26, 2009

The body is an amazing structure.

I have recently been treating a friend who is having some major arm, neck and shoulder issues.  I have been a little flummoxed about what might be the cause of all this and have resorted to getting out my anatomy and physiology book.  I was going through some of it the other night and looked at my husband and said, "I can't believe I read and was tested on this entire book in a year's time."  Not to mention, I did great on all of those tests! 

I also recently got an update about a friend's mom who is having some health challenges.  I was reminded that some things involving the body can't totally be explained, definitely won't be in the standard textbook and makes you just go "Wow.  How does the body do that?"

The mom had a heart attack in the recent past.  She also had surgery to correct some of her heart issues.  This past summer, the mom started feeling bad but didn't tell anyone and didn't go to the doctor because she spent the summer in another state and didn't want to deal with new doctors.  So she waited until she got back home.  She finally called her daughter, my friend, and said she needed to see the doctor because she felt like she did before her heart attack.

After the doctor appointment and some tests, the doctor told her her heart has 100% blockage.  You read that correctly.  100%.  Do you know what kept this woman from having a heart attack and probably dying right then and there?  Her body had created it's own bypass to get blood to the heart.  You read that correctly.  CREATED.ITS.OWN.BYPASS.  And though it wasn't functioning fully, hence the symptoms, it kept her alive long enough to get to the doctor.  She is scheduled to have bypass surgery; the medical kind of bypass.

This whole thing is just amazing to me.  It is amazing that a body has the ability to go into survival mode.  That the body has the ability to save itself.  It's amazing this woman is still walking and breathing and enjoying her grandkids all because her body was able to create a lifeline for her until she got herself to the doctor. 


  1. That is an amazing example of how truly incredible the human body is. I suspect we have no idea how much our bodies are doing in the background to keep us alive despite our unhealthy ways. Makes me want to thank my body more and complain about it less :)


  2. The thought that keeps racing across my mind is AMAZING. Miraculous also comes to mind. I hope your mom continues to do well.

    I think that we find out more and more about how much we've got to take care of these bodies of ours as we get older. Well, we better anyway.

  3. Amazing is right! I'm reminded of how I when I was breastfeeding, I would "leak" everytime I would even think about feeding my babies. Our bodies are incredible! It's like they have a mind of their own, lol!