Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mother's Little Helper

As if I haven't talked about it enough, the day is getting CLOSE for me to get on a plane for 12+ hours and fly approximately 4,500 miles away from home.  Over the Pacific Ocean. The anxiety is setting in. About the flight. Or not the flight so much as the flight potentially CRASHING AND BURNING.  As I have mentioned before, I don't worry about this when I am with my whole family and we would crash and burn together.  Sad, but true.

I have a friend who is a psychologist. I spend a lot of time with her, not as a patient, but as a friend. She knows my history. I was talking about this anxiety and she said, "Call your doctor and tell her you are traveling and are anxious about the flight. Then ask for some Klonopin." I told her first of all, I didn't think I could pronounce Klonopin, secondly, what the hell is THAT? It's another anti-anxiety med. Just what I need, more drugs. I was telling my husband about this and that valium must be so 70's. He immediately started singing Mother's Little Helper by the Rolling Stones. I immediately downloaded the song to my MP3 player to enjoy on my flight.

I did call the doctor and she was all "oh yeah, there is something for that!" She said they would call it in. I don't know what it will be - Klonopin, Xanax, an IV of anesthesia? Whatever it is, I hope it makes my flight a really happy one.


  1. Klonopin? I am going to have to remember that one. Actually flights don't bother me but do you think it would help me keep from freaking out about potty training?

  2. I only have one comment...
    What a drag it is getting old !!
    "Things are different today,"
    I hear ev'ry mother say
    Cooking fresh food for a husband's just a drag
    So she buys an instant cake
    and she burns her frozen steak
    And goes running for the shelter of a mother's little helper
    And two help her on her way, get her through her busy day....(inset king lyrics)
    and she made the 12 hr trip
    and she didn't raise her lip
    now she's gunning for the shelter
    of a Martguerita helper...what a drag flying yes indeed !!! ENJOY !!!

  3. It will make your trip better. . .and if I could be so bold as to suggest it. . .perhaps start taking it now!

    Seriously, I've found my anxiety is often worse in the time leading up to the trip than the trip itself. . . seriously!

  4. my drug of choice is ativan. very fast acting! and i agree with the comment above... start taking it NOW!

  5. I hope it goes well and you have a safe trip! xoxo

  6. listen take it and enjoy- then save the extras for me!

  7. You will be FINE! You will have a wonderful time once you get there and will be feeling silly once you get back for being so askeered!

    Enjoy the drugs what you don't use.. send to me ;)

  8. No way, you can do that?! I will pass the word onto my mom...she freaks out over flying! I wish you luck on your flight. I do fine with short trips, but 12+ hours...I dunno!

  9. Ah, but you are lucky...half your flight is over land. All 3828 miles (okay except maybe 5) from Guam to Hawaii is over water. How I wish Capt. Sullenberger flew Continental.... see you soon!!

  10. My first flight ever: My husband said "what will you do once that door is closed and you can't get off?"

    I showed him. I got up, walked off the plane, got a cab, and was home before HE was.

    Now, I actually fly BY MYSELF. Except for flying over water.........I'm scared of water. One fear down, 1000 to go!