Saturday, September 26, 2009

I've always known he was brilliant.

Yesterday I bought a new plasma television.  And you can't buy a new television without buying a new stand for that television.  The result of the new stand purchase was that I had to put it together and I was reminded how much I love to build things.  I was also reminded about my lack of attention to detail and just as I was finishing up, I realized I had put a divider in backwards and the unfinished side was to the front.  So I had to take a good part of the cabinet apart.  Sous Chef helped me take it apart and CJ helped me put it back together.  As we were screwing in the gzillion screws for the back panel, CJ and I had this conversation:

CJ:  "I'm a good screwer!"
Me:  "Yeah?"
CJ:  "Yeah.  And you're a good builder."
Me:  "Thanks!"
CJ:  "AND you're a good mom."

Proof that this kid is as brilliant as they come.  And sweet, too.


  1. Very nice. That style looks a little retro, and I love it!

  2. What a cutie! I like the finished product too!

    Following you from MBC...

  3. Okay. You build things like this in your home???? I am amazed. Hell yes you are a good builder and a good mama! He said it right!!


    Happy Monday!

  4. Congrats! We need a new TV. And congrats on being a good mom. But we all already knew that:)

  5. really like the new TV and stand, looks good.

    would have been better though if he said YOU were a good screwer LOL kidding :) you are a good Mom to have done such a good job with your son.

  6. I KNEW I had forgotten something in an earlier comment. I am SO JEALOUS at how handy you are. You fixed your bike chain on the way down the mountain? Jeez Lou-freakin'-ise! And well done you with the TV stand.