Monday, September 28, 2009

Falling into the changes

The air is crisp, the sun was out, though the clouds are rolling in now, and we are under a wind advisory due to the strong gusts.  Several people in our metro area are without electricity due to the wind.  The high today was 67, but the high tomorrow is 59.  I actually do like fall.

However, for some strange reason this year, I think I have already developed SAD (Season Affect Disorder).  I've never had it before, but I think I feel it coming on.  Strong.  I am so dreading winter.  I hate the cold.  I like the snow, but it doesn't really snow much around here.  We spend the winter with freezing temperatures and an occasional day where it's warms enough to RAIN but not snow.  Cold, wet days are the worst and that's how I would describe our winters.  Grey and wet.  I have starting saying "Hola" to everyone hoping that will get me trip to Cancun.  Tropical Hawaii warmness is still in my mind, but the weather outside is a bitter reminder I am no longer in Hawaii.  It sucks.

I would love to have one month of winter - a month of cold, blustery, snowy, icy days.  One month.  And then I want to get back to the sun and warmth of spring and summer.  A few fall days can be squeezed in after summer and before the one month of winter.  That is my cure for SAD.  I don't think it will happen.  I'm not sure what I am going to do to get through this winter.  I guess I will hibernate as much as possible.

While you are here, join the discussion to the right in The Blog Frog.  I am curious how you all decide your school lunches for your kids - how much $$, do they pack 100%, do they buy 100% etc. etc.

And for a nice little reminder of how the weather should be, EVERYDAY, enjoy this.

View from the lobby of the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa


  1. We're in the same wind/temps situation here, but I'm so resistant to the idea...well, the reality...of fall hitting us already that this morning, we were tearing through crates of cold weather clothes so the boys would have pants to wear to school today. Just the thought of switching over for the seasons gives me seasonal disorder! Here's hoping winter is reasonable to us!

  2. I recommend a tanning booth once a week. Nothing drastic -- just an all-over warmth. And a lovely flush in the cheeks. :-) Everybody needs a good flush in the cheeks.


  3. I agree. A week of rain, followed by cold, windy and grey does nothing for my attitude either. All your photos are making me want to go on vacation again!

  4. I am looking forward to Winter this year actually. We don't have bad winters though, the worst we get is a bit of rain.

    My kids take their lunch 100%, however I DESPISE making lunches. Son likes school lunches so I thing I will get him a lunch card which is $55 for a month.

    Daughter does not like school lunches and started Middle School this year so they get better school lunches and wants to buy but the lines are so long it puts her off and continues to take her lunch.

    I get bored and don't know what else to make them.

  5. Until recently (read:until I went to therapy) I had a horrible time with SAD. It got a little better, and a little better, and this is the first year where I'm not crying right now about the impending winter.

    I'm not sure what, exactly, helped or I'd tell you. But I just wanted to tell you that I sympathize with you.

  6. And I hate to break it to you, but I've heard we're in for a ridiculously icky winter. SUPER freezing and icy. Didn't you all have nasty weather with tons 'o snow last February? I shall pray that passes you by this year.

  7. I just hopped over from Amy's blog. I've always wanted to go to Hawaii, I think its so cool that you and your best friend made the trip together. I imagine I'd be a bit depressed coming home from such a fabulous trip too!

    School lunch around here is $1.90. My daughter's school has a pin number system that allows me to put money on her pin and then she uses that number to buy her lunch. When her account gets low I get a notice so I can replenish it.

    I ask my daughter every day if she wants to bring or buy. It's her choice if she wants something I make or something they serve for the day. We play it by ear.

    Jennifer Suarez

  8. Whoa, do I know what you mean about SAD. I got it every year when I lived there. Hard to get out of that fog, get motivated, and get on with things.
    Loved, loved, loved your writings about Hawaii and the video was a RIOT!

    I leave for work @7:00 and pack my lunch, so I pack the kids' lunches, too. It gets old, but the school lunches are lame and way too expensive. Besides, they all say that the lines are too long, so they don't get enough playtime when they buy lunch.

  9. I have SAD...which I did not believe in AT ALL until forced Dr recommended 2 weeks in Mexico to combat it (that's where he takes his wife each year for SAD); too bad he won't pay for it. Turns out it's not covered by insurance. That makes me sad.