Tuesday, September 22, 2009


"Blessings on all those who share the faith".

This was posted on a local church sign.  Many people would sigh and think "oh, that's nice."  Me?  I was irked and shook my head.  Really - you only want to offer blessings to those who share the faith?  It seems to me that those who share the faith, no matter your denomination (this church would fall into the Christianity category), should bless everyone.  Why would a church only want to bless those who share the faith?  I do not understand that.  I would think everyone is deserving of a blessing and certainly those who have lost their faith or never had it deserve it just as much as the faithful.

I don't like it when a church/belief system/faith system singles out who should be blessed and who shouldn't.  Who is worthy of God's love and who isn't.  Who can participate fully in a service and who can't (and yes, my church falls into this category and I.DON'T.LIKE.IT.).  When the church defines who can hold a leadership position and who can't based not on qualifications or character but on gender/race/age.  I don't like it when a church tries to define one's relationship with God based on what hoops the person has jumped through.

Seriously, there are just days when I think I should start the Church of Jo.  It would probably just be me and my immediate family in attendance, but who knows.  Maybe not.  In the meantime, if you are here reading this, consider yourself blessed.  I believe God loves and blesses all of us - those who are strong in their faith, those who waiver in their faith and even those who are non-believers, who may not want His love and blessings.

On a more frivolous and fun note, here are a couple of more pictures from Hawaii.

This is Lora and I, in our wetsuits, on the boat going to the island of Molokini.  It was early in the morning, chilly and the sun had not quite cleared up the clouds yet.

Island of Molokini

Green sea turtle.

For more Hawaii pictures go HERE.  For a video that is sure to make you laugh, or at least chuckle, go HERE.


  1. okay, FIRST of all, i would gladly join your church. if you did a webcast so i could stay on the couch in my pjs and participate. i am so with you on the whole exclusion/inclusion thing.

    so the trip looks like it was AMAZING. i think i have seen all the photos. i recognize where you guys stayed on maui. i think the sea turtles were our favorite memory from the trip. we would be snorkeling, and they would just come upon us, and swim along with us for a while. very peaceful and beautiful.

    i am so glad you had such a fantastic time. you deserve it.

  2. Not allowing people to hold positions because of their gender/race really irks me too. I am not a church goer but if I were I would NOT go to a church where a woman couldn't lead if she wanted to or where a person of another race didn't have the same opportunities as a Caucasian person.

  3. well said!
    I have problems with organized religion for many of the reasons you write here.

  4. Total agreement here!

    And, listen, if you could get husband and children to come to the Church of Jo, you'd be way ahead of me!

  5. And don't forget the rules and regulations. you MUST keep a sour expression to show how HARD you're praying. You MUST be "immersed" or "sprinkled" or "wait til you're older" and don't forget to kill! The Spanish Inquisition lives on. arghhh

  6. Wow - that sign bothers me to no end as well. Nothing like including all creatures great and small. You know, except for the people who don't think like us.


    I'd attend the Church of Jo - do I get to pick my flavor of Kool Aid ;-)

  7. your post somewhat mirrors mine today.

    I would SO join your church. It would be great

  8. Thank you for the blessings. I say the same to you, but it looks like you don't need any more, haha. Just kidding, of course. Thanks for pointing out this post.

  9. I am so on board with your church. Count me. the FREAK. in.