Friday, August 28, 2009

The Today Show Critic

I get my news from a few places - The Daily Show, Letterman and the Today Show.  I do also read our paper, but it's pretty blah most of the time.

The Today Show is what I see the most.  Today had some damn interesting stories, like that woman who was found after going missing 18 years ago.  That is amazing to me - how wonderful for that family to have found a loved one after all these years.  How awful they had to live without her all of these years because our justice system let some rapist free, just to go out and, not only do it again, but get away with 18 yrs. of it while he was right under their noses on parole. 

But I digress, I do not really want to talk about our justice system today.  My rantings on that, I am sure, would cause me some major health issues that no pill or doctor would be able to fix.

I want to talk about the people, the everyday people, that end up on the Today Show and other news.  Like this kid:

Or his family - go to about minute 3 and see how this family is dressed. Did they unexpectedly appear on national television? I'm not saying wear a suit or to dress like a movie star, but couldn't the mom wear a cute skirt, some sandals and a cute shirt.  Would that be too much to ask?  And that boy above. Maybe comb his hair and get rid of the stupid looking hat. I bet he wears that hat at the dinner table! The really funny one is the other son. Tube socks? EVER, let alone on national television.  Really? 
I have to laugh at the end when Matt Lauer asks about them being concerned about coming forward because they were afraid of being accused of "bad parenting." My response to that is, "No, not because your son had a sand pile collapse on him, but maybe because you let your family go on national television looking like you just rolled out of bed!"

The other funny thing I saw involved some footage from Boston and Sen. Kennedy's viewing.  Caroline Kennedy was walking the crowd thanking people for coming and a woman stops her and says, "We were born just three days apart.  In the same year."  Caroline then says, "Well, you look great."  That was a total lie - the woman looked a good ten years older than Caroline.  Anyway, who says something stupid like that during a funeral setting to a woman you don't even know and who probably doesn't care that your birthdays are three days apart, in the same year? 
Of course, who I am to criticize, I am always saying something stupid.  But at least I usually look good doing it.


  1. I used to watch the today show every morning, but I started to get frustrated with the celebrity news making it into the first 15-30 minutes of the show and getting treated like it was as important as world affairs, wars, etc. I mean the least the Today Show could do is PRETEND it is a news show for the first half hour and then move on to the entertainment tonight/the view format after that. Lets face it I watch the celebrity pieces as much as anyone else but it is nice to get some real news so that when I am having conversations with people I don't seem totally clueless about everything but Angie and Brad and the Twilight cast. ;)

  2. LOL....

    I'm here getting caught up on my blog reading. I've been a bad blog friend lately!!!

  3. Sweet enough family, that's for sure, but yeah, I'm thinking the situation might have called for a little more grooming effort.

    Now excuse me, I have to go slap on a ball cap to go pick up the Oldest from school :-)

  4. haha. Great minds think alike. I've had these same thoughts!

    I also wonder how the morning TV talk show hosts keep a straight face during some of the interviews. There must be a part of their brain that is saying; 'I can't believe I'm doing this. These people are idiots. This is not a real job' then the other part of their brain kicks in and reminds them how much they get paid for doing their job and they will ask any inane thing they can think of.

    phew. I'm glad I got that off my chest.

  5. perhaps the rest of preppy Connecticut has kicked them out of the state by now. . .

  6. Oh, now that's just wrong. You're right, no need to go overboard, but at least put some thought into it! Sheesh.

  7. Not being a Kennedy with the imposed expectations of being gracious while in the public eye, in Caroline's position I'm afraid I would have said "SO WHAT?" and pulled up my tube socks and kept walking.

  8. OMG-you're hilarious. I loved this post. Miss you....sorry I've been AWOL lately--just crazy busy. Glad to know you're having fun over here :)