Sunday, August 16, 2009

A sign of things to come.

My parents are having a rather large family get together this weekend.  My mom sent out invitations a month ago, which is her way of making sure you have no other excuse to not be there because she gave you plenty of time to put it on your calendar and not plan anything else that day.  So I did.  I put it on my calendar.  I e-mailed my husband at his work e-mail address so he could put it on his calendar.  Party starts at 2:00; dinner will be around 4:00.  All is good.

So yesterday, I pack up my kids (husband out of town) and off we go.  My parents live about an hour away.  As we get closer and closer to their house, I notice no one is there yet.  Something is wrong.  It's 3:30 and everyone should be there.  I am always the last to (strategically) arrive.  We get in the house and my mom is all made up but has her nightie on.  Something is definitely ALL WRONG.

What was it?  The party was scheduled for Sunday, NOT Saturday.  She was all ready, with the exception of getting dressed, to go to a wedding. 

For most people, this would not be a huge ordeal.  It was only an hour away, no biggie.  The problem lies in the fact that I have to really psych myself up to go to a family event where many extended family members will be lurking.  I don't have much in common with them.  And not in a way that you can still get along and respect them.  I do have people in my life who I don't mind spending time with even though we are very different.  My extended family and I have very different values on things that go against the core of my being and at times I just downright don't like them.  So now, here I am, psyching myself up again to REALLY go to the party this time.

Now that I have vented (again) about my family, this post was really about my lack of memory and organization.  How in the hell does one show up to a party on the WRONG DAY?  I keep finding myself doing forgetful things.  My manager at worked cracked up at me the other day because I left and came back three times because I had things with me from work that I didn't need to take home and I forgot some things I did need.  She said she feels sorry for me when I actually hit menopause, because I am already showing signs of elderly dementia.  Can it get worse?  Geeze, I know it can.  It ain't going to be pretty.


  1. Totally something I would do - and never live down.

    Did you go back today? If not, this might be an excellent way of getting out of future engagements.

  2. Do we need to recharge your ankle bracelet so that you don't stray to a certain radius from the house? (Oh, that's horrid). Seriously, though, I hope everything went okay today, take Em's advice about getting out of things from now on!

  3. I bought tickets to take Luke to an afternoon concert once. The minute I bought the tickets I put the date and time in my calendar and IM'd Luke to tell him the details. so we took off work that day and half way through the day we realized that the concert was really the day before.$90 down the drain. I blamed being pregnant at the time but up I think it was just my lame brain. In other words I feel your pain.

  4. oh dear. i am usually good about getting the date right because i check and double check and triple check. however, i feel like you and i may have similar family situations. i feel for ya, jo!

  5. hey there,
    man i give you credit for going to family events when they drive you crazy... i feel your pain, my family is completely disfunctional in webster's there is a picture of my parents and siblings! as for the forgeting thing, i do it ALL the time... i blame it on my migrane headaches...
    have a great day!

  6. Just wandering through via the MBC. It's nice to "meet" you!

    (BTW, I'm now following you!)


  7. Oops! Don't worry, you're not alone!

    Hope everything went well the second time around.