Friday, August 7, 2009

Read the Bill

Thanks to Em, I am now aware of the Read the Bill campaign.  What is it?  This is from their site, because I am too lazy, and probably not savvy enough, to put it in my own words.
Too often, controversial bills are voted on hours after coming to the House or Senate floor. There is no time for members of Congress to read the bill, and no chance for interested citizens to weigh in on the legislation.'s mission is to strengthen our democracy by making sure elected officials and citizens have the chance to read and understand legislation.

A more transparent government begins with providing the people with the opportunity to tell their elected officials what they think of a piece of legislation, before it comes up for a vote. is an effort to gather individuals and groups, luminaries and everyday folks, conservatives, liberals and independents behind the simple concept that all non-emergency legislation should be available online for 72 hours before debate begins.
You can sign a petition at that little "72 hours" button on the right.


  1. Yeah!!! Thanks for posting about this. Now that I've promised to read it all myself while Congress is out, I need to invest in a couple cases of Coke.

    Whatever it takes!

  2. What a great plan! I'm all for it and proud to add my name to the petition.

    Hope you're still enjoying your solitude!

  3. Glad you're watching out for us. . . now I've gotta go get smart too!

  4. Thank you and I signed the petition!