Friday, August 14, 2009

The little people - 1; Government - 0

I have blogged a little about the disaster that is lurking under my yard.  The one that involves a collapsing storm sewer system, resulting in sinkholes in my neighbors' yards that are about 20 ft. deep and 30 ft or more wide.  Kind of a death trap when you have a gzillion kids roaming the neighborhood.  Not to mention that every time it rains more than three drops, 1/2 way up our street floods so badly that cars get stuck and the fire dept. has to be called to get them out and the school busses can't get through.  This has been going on for over two years.

Why hasn't it been fixed?  Because our local trustees believe this is a "cosmetic" issue.  That the residents just want their yards repaired at the expense of our local government.  They refused to believe that there was any issue besides that.  Never mind the city is having to reimburse car owners for towing fees and major car repairs that result from one's car flooding since the government officials are not properly maintaining the streets  That the city is having to pay every time the fire department makes a run to save someone from the flooding waters.  So over the two plus years, my neighbor has led a crusade to get this problem fixed.  And not at the expense of us homeowners, which was going to cost upwards of $500,000.  She has the county engineer involved, attorneys (attornies?), the EPA and other government entities that monitor environmental issues.  She and my husband canvased the affected neighbors to get homeowners to sign over their storm sewer easements, which were never properly assigned when the subdivsion was built five years ago.  (That is a WHOLE other issue.)  My husband and my neighbor are a perfect team.  She is a good PR person, getting the word out, speaking on the news and in the newspapers, defining the problem and pointing out it has nothing to do with cosmetics and everything to do with a city maintaining it's infrastructure (storm sewers and roads).  She gets emotional and irritated, rightfully so.  She's good at being "bad cop."  My husband is good at analyzing the data, translating the legal-ease, understanding the government jargon and staying calm. He is the "good cop."  They got studies completed that confirmed the storm water pipes were cracked, broken and collapsing, causing the erosion of dirt into the pipes.  The result were the large sinkholes from the erosion and the soil blocking the pipes, causing the backup of water five to six houses away and into the street.  Between the two of them and the support of other neighbors, we are now experiencing this in our backyards.  At zero cost to us.
The above are pictures of the storm sewer pipes that have been removed.  They were not damaged in the removal process.  This is what they looked like underground.  And yet, one of our trustees is still spouting off that this was all cosmetic and only the homeowners should be responsible for the cost of correcting this issue.  Thankfully, the other trustees are more reasonable and able to admit there was a problem that was not the homeowners responsibility.  So if you live in the area I live in, this fall be sure to vote CHRIS ROMANO off of our board of trustees.

I'm sure you are all on the edge of your seats wondering about Ace.  He is still here.  I have put together a cocktail of some homeopathic meds for my husband.  He started that a day or so ago.  We'll see how it goes.
This is Ace snuggled into a VERY SMALL cubby in our desk.  It took us quite a while to find him.


  1. Yeah - power to the people!!!

    Now I want a sweet.

  2. What a freakin' mess!

    Oh, after I saw the pictures of Ace, I hunted my cat down and pet her for a looooong time. She was purrring. Thanks Ace, for inspiring me.

  3. Good for you for fighting for your rights - Rise up, and smite the Giant!!

    OMG, that kitten is the cutest thing EVER.

  4. oh my lord... this whole sewage thing makes me mad just reading about it! i am sure it has been quite a frustrating couple of years. i don't know if i would have the energy to take something like that on... kudos to your hubs.

    now about this cat... he looks awfully comfy and quite at home. home, being the operative word.

  5. Holy crap. This makes my culvert debacle look like an ice cream social. GO GET'EM!!!!!

  6. Haha, I just looked up and noticed that Em said the same thing that I did. Oh, well you know what they say about great minds...