Saturday, August 15, 2009

I think I'm being stalked!

I belong to an online group for my neurological disorder/disease. (For anyone who is new here, I have had two brain surgeries for a Chiari Malformation and an arachnoid cyst. For those not so new, this is old and probably boring news for you.) I recently had someone "friend" me on the site. He is from India and also has a CM. Great, another person I might be able to offer some support to.

I "accepted" his profile as a friend. He immediately leaves a message on the message board asking for my e-mail. No biggie. I gave him my e-mail address that I use for "public" information. He then immediately leaves me a message on the message board letting me know he sent me an invite to add me to his Yahoo messenger and to go there so we could chat. Holy shite, he moves fast. We had just met and he was already wanting to meet him in the Yahoo chat room. What kind of a gal does this Indian Chiari Malformation patient think I am? Maybe he's heard about me from my college days, but I have changed!

Anyway, I declined the invite and left a message for him that I have not been able to get into instant messenger for ages, which is true, but even if it weren't I would have come up with some kind of lie. He then responds giving me some tips about loading and reloading my Yahoo stuff and THEN asks if I am on Facebook. Holy shite, this guy is an aggressive one. I did lie this time and told him no, I'm not on Facebook, that I really only communicate via e-mail. I think that might have prevented him from asking me about Twitter. I was starting to regret that I even gave him my public e-mail address instead of just telling him to contact via the ACM message board. My street smarts are waning as I get older.

I haven't heard from him since I told him I was not on Facebook. I think he is sitting in India making his plans to find me. So if I mysteriously disappear any time in the future, please ask my husband to let the police know about this mysterious stalker who may be posing as a Chiari Malformation patient.


  1. I just got the heebie-jeebies. Do you have any record of these interactions? Yikes!

  2. That's really creepy Jo! I am sure it was purely innocent, but still creepy none the less. Regardless, you trusted your instincts.

    For the record, I won't ever get tired of hearing about your surgeries, it is a great reminder for us how lucky we are to have you here ;)

  3. Poor thing. I know how this feels, in cyberspace as well as in real life - as it's happening to me currently. Record all interactions - everything. If you are that fearful of him - log EVERYTHING!

    It sounds as though he is just an aggressive and pushy dater... if it doesn't let go in about a month or so, the yeah, take measures.

  4. Well,that's one way to meet men...maybe I should give it a shot. LOL Just getting caught up on my blog reading. Happy Sunday!

  5. oh now that is scary! hopefully he's moved on and isn't in a cab to your house from the airport!

  6. EEK! Sounds like you were properly cautious.