Monday, August 3, 2009

Here she goes again!

I am SO not good around the house.  I'm not talking about cooking and cleaning - I can manage just fine in those areas, when I'm in the mood.  I am talking about things like lawncare, painting and home repair type stuff.  That's why, as I type, I have a college boy outside cutting my grass.  That same college boy painted all three of my kids' bedrooms.  I like to make sure my friends' college aged kids have enough beer money, therefore, I keep them employed when they are home for their college breaks.

I have decided I make a much better supervisor than I do a hands on worker.  BUT, I get that occasional manic inspired moment where I decide I am going to do some things for myself.  I have become quite adept at trimming our bushes with the electric hedge trimmer.  Never mind that I cut the extension cord on numerous occasions.  My husband just repairs it and I move on.  I have actually painted one whole room.  Yep, just ONE, in my entire life. 

Well, I am at it again.  Painting our master bath to surprise my husband when he gets home next weekend.  (Of course, if he reads my blog while he is out of town, this won't be a surprise!  I doubt he remembers what color I said I was going to paint it.  Do you like fuschia, sweetie?)
My ability to paint goes something like this:  

  1. Go to the store and get paint.  Also buy more accessories than I need just to prevent any additional trips to the store.  You see, I hate to run errands.  I hate going back for things I forgot.  And I don't plan well, so I didn't think to check our "paint accessories stash" prior to going to the paint store to see if we needed something or not.  In fact, I wasn't even sure where we had a paint accessory stash, but since I know my husband so well, I had no doubt that we DID have one.  Somewhere.
  2. Find the stash.  Decide what I need out of it.  Drag it upstairs from the basement to the 2nd floor. 
  3. Prep work.  OH, how I hate prep work.  The cleaning of the baseboards, taping off areas, getting the tarp laid out.  I do all of these things, but I find this part to be tedious and boring.  And the cleanup.  I hate that even more.
  4. Realize I don't know how to get the window blinds out of the window.  Struggle and pull until I think I am going to break them.
  5. Call my neighbor to come take down my window blinds.
  6. Paint. 
Number 6 seems simple and easy for the average human, when you're not Messy Marvin.  While on the garden tub area, I have nowhere to put the paint pan except the area surrounding the tub.  Where I am standing.  That can only mean one thing.  I am tripping over it, stepping in it and making a general mess of things.  THIS is why I don't like to do home improvement things.  My attention to this kind of detail, y'know, like not getting paint all over myself and everything else but the walls, is what prevents me from doing these projects.  Add to it my general instability (physical, not mental!) and poor coordination and it can get pretty ugly.  I do have to say though, my actual painting is pretty damn good since I am a "get it right" kind of gal.  I don't like "good enough".  It has to be RIGHT.  So the finished product I am happy with.  And once I finish it, which will probably take all week between the sleeping, the working and the socializing, I will post a picture.  I can say this, though.  I am off to a good start and it's looking great.


  1. Wow, hectic - ...can't wait to see the "after" photo..
    Have fun!

  2. Am I the only one thinking, "She has a tub in her bedroom?!"

  3. Good luck with the painting. I'm sure it will be perfect! Can't wait to see the finished room!

  4. Nothing is harder than painting a bathroom due to all the truly dangerous places you have to stand and stretch. But then, that's what you get for having a garden tub. lol

    On the other hand, if you're doing so well, GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND "GIT 'ER DONE".

  5. i have to say, i am proud of you. i am really impressed... you must be feeling guilty about abandoning your family (and the rest of us) for hawaii. my powder room has been half painted for the past 5 years. maybe this will inspire me to get it done (finally). i have a solid 4 weeks of nothing else to do.

  6. Painting is boring...the fun part is watching it dry !!

  7. I have a love/hate relationship with painting. I get so excited, really get into it, and then I want it OVER AND DONE ASAP.

    I have an award for you, if you'd like. :)

  8. I don't think there is anything wrong with saying your had plans. People are always thinking that they should come and visit me while Luke is away on business...I just wish they would come take my daughter for a bit so I could have a little bit of time all to myself.