Friday, August 21, 2009

Are you excited?

Fifteen days until I leave for Hawaii.  I am getting the question a lot - "Are you excited?"  Of course, the answer is yes.  But for someone with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, the excitement does not come without some, well, anxiety.  Most of it is about flying.  I really don't mind flying.  However, I don't like to fly without my entire family. I guess I would just prefer we all go down in a flaming ball of fire together.  I know, it sounds selfish and I don't TOTALLY mean it.  It's irrational and sick, but that's the way my brain works.

I have thought about several solutions to handling this 12 hour flight (there and then back again!).  My first one is my usual fall back - drugs.  Prescription drugs.  Good ones.  Then I think, "Well, if the plane does go down and there is any chance of survival, I should probably be alert."  Imagine if I had been on the Hudson River plane and not been alert enough to get myself out of that plane.  I would have been the only non-survivor.  Oh, and maybe the person who went down trying to save my life.  So I am not sure drugs are the way to go, but I am guessing I will have them with me on the flight just in case.

Second fall back is a good book.  But hey, in 12 hours, I may need about three good books, each way.  I'm not sure there are currently three/six books I want to read.  I guess I could read all of my book club list.  Maybe I'll do that.

The third fall back is not really a good one either.  Mainly because it puts the person next to me in an awkward situation.  Who really wants to talk to a stranger for an extended period?  I know plane etiquette and I usually follow it myself.  Don't talk to the person in the seat next to you.  But really, if I could just talk non-stop, preferably to the person next to me, (I think talking to myself non-stop would probably get me dropped off the flight somewhere over Utah) I would be so much better and I would be alert in case that plane becomes a flaming ball of fire and I have a chance to save myself.

Anyone have any suggestions?


  1. LOL!! You are funny. I have a little flying anxiety myself and I have not been diagnosed with anything that I know of anyway. I could just be here in my own little crazy world and not know the difference. I invested in an ipod with games on it and my hubby has a laptop I can charge it on if needed. You could also watch movies that helps the time pass. But I think it would be funny if you talked to yourself the whole time. And if you get dropped over Utah I will catch you. We are not all crazy here.

  2. girl, don't analyze it... just go with the drugs and hope for the best. oh, and maybe put on your life vest BEFORE you take the pills... you know... just in case.

    ps: i am totally with you on the whole dying as a family thing!

  3. Two Dramamine and a gin and tonic.

    Repeat every four hours until you land.

    The ONLY way to fly.

    As far as the getting off in case of Hudson-type incident, there's always a good Samaritan, no worries.

  4. What airline are you flying? When we went to Vegas, we flew Delta and they had TV on board. I watched almost a whole season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey between the flights there and back--totally got sucked into it and was *almost* calm by the time we landed back at home!

  5. Drugs, my friend. It's the only way to fly!

  6. I think a little relaxation in drug form is in order - just enough to take the edge off. Then I'd add whatever distraction works best for you - reading, movies, tv. I hate flying, myself, and find myself gripping the arm rests, desperately trying to keep the plane in the air. Don't knock it - so far, it's working.

  7. When we flew to New Zealand four years ago, we both brought stacks of books and watched a ton of in flight TV and movies. We also printed a copy of yoga stretches that you can do before you get on the plane and during the flight. Sooo excited for you!

  8. Audio books? Portable DVD player with 30 DVD's movies?

    I have never been on a plane that long so i really have no tips. I know once you get there, you will have a fabulous time and we will all be jealous.

    Besides, on the way back, you will have learned what worked on the way there. THEN you can bore the person next to you with your vacation pictures! LOL

  9. Red Bull and books-on-CD, girl! Get to it!