Thursday, July 16, 2009


My husband frequently accuses me of going on in a conversation and mentioning someone's name and he has no idea who I am talking about.  Never mind that I just told him that I met her the night before at a social gathering or girls night out.  He swears he has no idea who I am talking about.  So now, when talking about someone, I will say, "Sharon, the new woman in my moms group I met last night..." and he can no longer accuse me of something that was really his fault to start with because he wasn't paying attention.

BUT if I do actually do this, I totally know where I get it.  My mom does this to me frequently.  For example, she called me today to arrange a pick up time for my kids since they are visiting with my parents this weekend.  Then she says, "Well, Earl died so I won't be able to come to get them until after the funeral."  All I am thinking is "???????"  Who the heck is Earl?  It finally dawns on me this is the husband of a dear friend of my mom's.  However, I have not seen Earl in 20 years probably and I have not seen his wife in 15.  They live in Arizona for the most part of the year.  If she had just said his last name, I wouldn't have to drum up all kinds of crazy images of someone named Earl before I finally recall who she is talking about.

A few weeks ago, she sent an invite to many of our family members for a gathering at her house in August.  Odd that she was sending it so early, so I knew something was up or it was just her passive-aggressive way to make sure everyone had it on their calendars and had no good excuse, in her opinion, for not attending.  Then when I saw her after she sent the invite she said, "Alex is getting married the weekend before."  Again, I am thinking "??????"  I finally just looked at her and said, "Who is Alex?"  She sighed and got all flustered and responded "Doug's daughter, ALEX."  Well, I realize many people would recognize the name of their own cousin, but in my defense, my mom is one of eight kids.  I have a gzillion cousins and, being one of the oldest, many of them were born long after I moved out and moved on with my adult life, so I really have no relationship with them.  I barely have a relationship with some of my aunts and uncles (and I am ok with that).

Basically, what I am getting at is I often find myself looking at my mom during conversations where she thinks I should have kept track of every single person that has ever crossed my path or that of my family's and in reality I have a dumbfounded "Whatchyoutalkin'aboutWillis?" look on my face.


  1. Well, considering all the things we have to remember during the day, how the heck are we supposed to remember Aunt Georgia's second cousin twice removed? Heck, I'm lucky if I remember to put my keys by the door so I don't lose them. My husband does this to me all the time talking about people from work. He's the kind of guy who knows everyone so somehow I'm supposed to remember the 200+ employees with whom he works.

  2. "Whatchyoutalkin'aboutWillis?" Oh, I know that look well. I feel your pain :-)

  3. I have a really good memory, so far, anyway - but I know a lot of people who don't (or they're just not paying attention to me!) so I've learned to say, "my cousin with the super-curly hair, Jennifer..."

  4. My students do this all the time, but on a much more irritating level. They'll walk into my classroom and say something like, "So, I'm really excited about going," like we had actually had a conversation previously. Then I say, "Going WHERE?" and they back up and tell me. I never seem to be able to break some of them from doing this. I usually just say, "Should I know what you are talking about?"