Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We are that couple.

Long ago, in a faraway land ... well, maybe not a faraway land.

I remember back when my husband and I were dating and even early in our marriage, we went to breakfast almost every Sunday.  I love going out to breakfast.  The places we went were always jam packed, often with other couples.  It never failed, each week, I would see couples together, each reading the paper.  I didn't get it.  All I could think was "are you really that uninterested in each other that you can't sit at the table and talk?" or "is your relationship that worn out that you don't have anything to talk about?" or "can't you read the paper at home and enjoy each other's company while you are at breakfast?"

Oh, what a naive twenty-something I was.  My husband and I now do this.  I realize now, it is a sign of just how comfortable we are with each other.  No need to make small talk (we do enough of that), no need to stare romantically into each others eyes over our morning beverages (we've never done that and it would be weird if we started now), no need to discuss every item on the menu and the pros and cons of each of item.  Nope.  We have gotten to the point where we are totally comfortable sharing a space without requiring a conversation.  Just BEING in the same space is comfortable.

Case in point - our kids were gone this weekend so we went to breakfast on Sunday.  Before we left MG grabbed sections of Sunday's paper that he wanted to read and then asked me what sections I wanted.  (FYI - I wanted Saturday's paper because I had not had a chance to read the advice columns or the soap opera recaps for the week).  Off we went.  We chatted it up while waiting for a table, we chatted while waiting for our drinks and to place our order.  Once that was done, out came the papers.  We read, we discussed little snippets of things we read that were new or interesting (Carly, on ATWT had to have her stomach pumped because she's an alcoholic and she drank herself nearly into a coma!), we waited for our food.  I looked around to see if anyone had a little bubble above their head with the thoughts I had had in the past about people like us.  Nope.  BUT I did see another couple, quite a bit older than us, each reading - one had the paper and another had a magazine.  Good for them, I thought, they obviously love each another enough to share a quiet space - no conversation necessary.


  1. This sums up how well this works...

    "Before we left MG grabbed sections of Sunday's paper that he wanted to read and then asked me what sections I wanted."

    A considerate man who thought of your desires.

    Yep, you guys sound just right.

    But I'm seriously jealous that you get to go out for breakfast.

  2. Wow - nice. My husband and I both work from home and still take our daily walks to town or BN (hand-in-hand) just to relax...Have a great week!

  3. I used to waitress so I saw a lot of couples doing this and could never imagine Luke and I doing that we always had so much to talk about. But now that we are settled into our relationship I love it when we can be together without feeling the pressure to entertain each other.

  4. Oh I love those rare breakfast alone together moments when you can read the paper without a small person grabbing it and demanding that you give her some attention... NOW!

  5. This is on of my favorite weekend treats, a great Sunday brunch, reading the paper and just vegging out with my honey. We've been together for a while too.

  6. That sums it up nicely, doesn't it? And it's so true... Great observation! And I agree with Em - your hubby is a keeper! ;)