Friday, July 31, 2009

Massage Therapy is a wonderful thing!

As a licensed massage therapist, I spend a lot of time GIVING massages and not as much time GETTING massages.  I do get them on a regular basis, but it's never enough.  Anyone who has had a massage can probably agree with that.  I think one massage a day should be a minimum requirement.

My usual massage therapist is on maternity leave, so I have tried out two new therapists.  Both guys.  This goes against my natural selection of practitioners.  I always choose women doctors and I have always preferred women massage therapists.  However, I work directly with these two guys, who are both young enough to be my sons, and I decided to give them a try.  They are both very good and I feel totally comfortable with them.  And explaining my medical history of two brain surgeries and the results of that is always amusing.  There are certain types of massage I can't have around my head and neck and I ALWAYS need to make that clear for fear of damaging anything.

As I lay on the massage table today, I become the "typical" client.  I have the same concerns as every other client that confesses their concerns to me.  I didn't have to worry about lint in my toes, though, I wore flip flops.  Oh, and I shaved my legs and armpits.  However, I did make sure my bra was hidden under my clothes.  Also, I forgot to throw away my gum - do I hop up and throw it out and risk my co-worker now my therapist walking into the room and seeing me with just my panties on (ie:  boobs, fat and cellulite flying free and clear)?  Or do I lay on the table and just hold it in my cheek?  Or do I swallow it?  I swear, I was so close to just swallowing it.  I decided to hold onto it.  As he started massaging my head and jaw, I chewed my gum.  He said, "Um, Jo, you're not going to choke on your gum, are you?"  So I giggled and asked for a tissue to spit it out.  Then part way through, my stomach would not stop growling.  LOUD.  I know that is common, the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in and that is often the result.  Or maybe it's just that I didn't have breakfast.  Either way, I felt like every other client laying there thinking "Holy crap, stomach, SHUT UP!"

The rest of the time though, I was thinking, "Oh my goodness sakes, I am in HEAVEN!"  I can't wait for my massage again next month.  Wait, next month is tomorrow?  Maybe I should go back tomorrow!


  1. My sister is a nurse and she does the same thing when sher is on the recieving end of things. Lol.

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhh It has been a LONG time since I got a massage. It is a good thing that you get one for yourself every once in a while.

    I would like to get rubbed down by 2 young guys


    sorry.. I drooled all over your monitor

    ~~~~~~~ <------ there is a tissue to wipe it off. Sorry bout that

  3. I am so booking on efor when I get home. My brother got me one for my b-day, and I LUUUURVE them!

    P.S. Don't the fellas knock before entry? I'd be scared of boobs/fat/cellulite too if that were the case!

  4. OMGosh a massage is just what I need and there isnt a decent holiday near that i can demand one...thats it I am demanding we move i can be near you and you can be my personal massage therapist mmmkay?

  5. OH I really really want a massage now....I've only had one in my entire life and it was FABULOUS! I have got to start making it a priority....

    <3 sarasophia

  6. for you...

  7. oh it sounds blissful... i woke up with the worst crick in my neck and thought of you.

  8. Just the word massage makes me feel all jello like. I got a gift certificate for Christmas I haven't used yet...the problem is the place is like an hour away.

    Question...what made you decide to go into massage therapy and what type of place do you work in (a spa, a chiropractors office etc...)?