Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's a bikers life

I don't talk a ton about my husband, MG (Motorcycle Guy) on this blog.  In case you have missed the times I have talked about him, he is a great husband and dad, even if he does have a hard time keeping up with who I am talking about most of the time.  He also loves his vintage (I love saying that, considering the motorcycle is the same "age" as my husband, therefore, also calling my husband vintage) 1963 BMW motorcycle.  He bought this bike when we lived in Kansas City.  He bought it online.  He then flew to Chicago, handed the guy the money and drove it back to Kansas City, all in one day.  The bike has been his 4th child ever since.

This weekend, MG is totally in his element.  He took a ten hour motorcycle ride to a BMW motorcycle rally.  He is camping with a 1,000 other people that he doesn't know.  There will be motorcycle rides during the day and other activities, and camping, socializing and entertainment at night.  Though my husband can be rather introverted, I have a feeling he will talk himself hoarse this weekend with all these like minded people.

I am not really a worrier.  However, when he left today, I was a little anxious.  The weather here was nice, but it was very windy and there was going to be rain along the way.  I was very relieved when he called to say he was there.

Here he is as he was getting ready to leave for the weekend.


  1. There's nothing sweeter than that call letting you know they are there safe and sound!

  2. I bet he'll be just fine! Now it's time for you to relax yourself!!

  3. I hope he's having a blast and you're relaxing! Safe travels for the ride home :-)

  4. Stopping by as a fellow blogfrog leader. Wow! That's a long motorcylce ride! My hubby likes motorcycles too. Only the newer and fast kind. lol ;)

  5. Well it does sound like MG is headed for some fun.

    I feel like I am pretty laid back but motorcycles scare me a bit. Luckily my hubby's expensive hobby is photography...except for when he is climbing around taking pictures in old abandoned buildings.

  6. The idea of riding 10 hours on a motorcycle is a concept I am unable to conceive. At least he's not riding one of those bikes with the tall handlebars that you have to hold your arms straight up in the air! But I am all about people doing what they love...
    BTW, LOVE your new profile photo!