Monday, June 15, 2009

Poultry Days 2009

My husband is an "ex" Ultimate Frisbee player. He played in a league here in SW Ohio for many years and traveled to many tournaments, within the US and also England and Scotland. He has way too many injuries now that flare up and his body just says NO to playing anymore.

The tradition continues, however, and Big E is now playing. This past weekend we went to our favorite tournament here in a very small farming town in Ohio. We camp in their public park along with more than 600 other campers from across the country and we storm their little town carnival - riding rides, playing bingo, drinking beer and eating lots of junk food and dancing to the band that is in the music tent. Big E played on Chris's team which has some of the younger guys, who are still playing, on it. Big E just might very well be the youngest player to ever have played in this tournament. I was stopped by several players and told how good he was! There were 52 teams from around the US (and this year, three other countries). Each team has around 15 players, plus their signifcant others and family members who don't play but come along for the fun. That makes for A LOT of tents and A LOT of campers. Considering this town only has about 2,500 residents, adding 600+ people to the mix makes a big impact!

For the first time, the tournament was international with a team from Canada, one from England and one from Taiwan. If you have never been to an Ultimate Frisbee tournament like this one, picture a three day hippy music festival, take away the music and add an Ultimate tournament.

The best part of being at this tournament is that it brings me back to my past. My peace lovin', partying, "why can't we all just get along?" days.  This was my 17th year going to this tournament. I love bringing my kids to things like this. Early on in our parenting days, MG and I were so good at incorporating the little ones into OUR lifestyle. There wasn't much we didn't do or take them to and our life really didn't change a ton. As they got older and started going to school and getting involved in their own things, it got harder for us to keep up with OUR things. And I know that's how it should be. But, it's nice to get back to our things occasionally. With two concerts in the last couple of weeks and this crazy, hippy weekend, I feel a little refreshed. So often I feel like I am faking this whole family/parenting thing - that I never really fit in with the other families/parents in this suburban madness we live in. It was good to be with our friends whom we have known since before they/we were married and certainly before we were all parents. Friends who have similar family values, friends who aren't competing with one another on every level or trying to impress each other with mindnumbing nothingness. When I am with this group, the parenting stuff seems much more normal for me. The really fun part is that this year it was determined our camping area finally had more kids in attendance than adults. The kids, ranging from 1 yr. old to 12 yrs. old, were all having fun together while the adults sat around and did what we adults do.

This is our tent. It sleeps ten people if you all sleep in sleeping bags on the ground. I am happy to say, due to it's size, instead of sleeping ten sleeping bags, it comfortably fits one queen size air mattress, with nice comfy sheets and pillows, and two twin air mattresses. I call it the Holidome.

This is the view from our tent. We camp in this same section of the park every year. What you can't see is the 100's of tents that are all around us, around the pond, on the other side of the pond and up on a hill. I also do not have a picture of the RV area where all the RVs and pop up campers stay!


  1. I am still having a hard time getting past "Poultry Days"! I love small town festivals! Sounds like fun!

  2. I'm guessing no bedbugs in your own sleeping bags????

  3. I honestly think if Daddy-O saw this would bring a tear to his eye. I didn't see any mention of the Sausage lady....was she not there? I like the RV/pop-up camper option. We had a Terry trailer growing up....I kind of miss it.

    No tornado warnings this weekend????

  4. How fun is THAT?! Looks like a good time :)
    And I love the P.O.S. widget-way funny!

  5. I love your Holidome :) It sounds like you camp in style. What a great tradition and experience for your family. It sounds like your parenting philosophy is the key to your peaceful, hippy happy existence. We, too, just bring our kids along and keep living our lives. Fun trip!

  6. SW Ohio. Excellent. I am in central Ohio. :-)

    My student teacher loves frisbee golf. My hubby is into the biking thing. He rode down to SW ohio a couple weeks ago.

    Thanks for the lovely rainy ohio photos!! LOL

  7. I guess cloudy?? Hard to find the sun in Ohio.

  8. My kids love ultimate frisbee! And that tent is great. I long ago outgrew my ability to sleep on anything except an air mattress.

  9. That is a long time to be playing/going to the tournaments. I honestly never knew such a tournament existed. How exciting to have people from other countries join in the fun.

    How wonderful that you were able to be yourself with good friends. It's a shame people feel the need to compete with other families in the parenting marriage gig.

    You go girl. I am soo happy you had a good time.