Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Now that's customer service you can be proud of...

When the Bedbug '09 incident happened a couple of weeks ago, I decided I would follow through in hopes of preventing another family from checking into this bug infested hotel - or at least the room - until it was treated. So I called the Illinois Dept. of Health. After being transferred, oh, about 1,289 times, I finally reached the right person. He told me I needed to call the city. So I did that. I think with them, I was only transferred about 248 times before getting to the right person. I was told I needed to call the county health department, which I did. I think there, I was only transferred three times and I left the dates, the hotel name and address along with room number with some man who I am sure was NOT writing it down and he said they would be sure to follow up. Um, I doubt it.

So the next step was to write an e-mail to the corporate offices of the hotel chain. I explained the situation, what happened and finished with "I would expect that if I end up having to have my house treated, that they would reimburse those expenses." Um, I doubt it, but it felt good telling them that.

Anyway, within a few days, I received a phone call from their customer service department saying they were sorry about my experience and they have filed a concern report and they gave me a file number. They said I would hear from the hotel by June 30. Well, I did hear from them. Here is the e-mail I received. I am NOT editing it in any way, shape or form except to put it in italics.

Hi Jo

we are sorry for the inconvinece you had at hour hotel
There was issue with the room and front desk clerk try to moved you other room and since you decided not to stay at over hotel we had issued the full refund and we did not charged your card for the time you stayed at over hotel.
Hope we can serve you in the furture.


I can say this: good or bad English aside, this hotel will NOT be serving me again. My "issue" was not a drippy faucet or a leaky window; IT WAS BEDBUGS. Why on this earth would I want to be transferred to another room when those little shits are probably lurking there, too, just to hitch a ride home on our belongings and take over my house?

I will be following up with the corporate offices again. Depending on how it goes, I may just list the name and address of this hotel for all to see. Not that it will have a huge impact, but damn, it will make me feel better!


  1. OK - ewwwwwwww!!!! I'm sure this letter was a form letter, which some admin just tweaked to fit a couple of facts of your stay. You are right - this is NOT customer service.

  2. I can't stop thinking about that bedbug post, what with my upcoming vacation and all. I want to puke!

    That letter is hilarious.

  3. I so have this fear at hotels. Ick.

  4. This affirms my leery attitude toward hotels and then amps it up ten-fold. Then the letter? Sigh. Definitely attach it to your follow up with corporate!

  5. Wow. You would think that someone working in a hotel would understand the severity of the problem. Some people are so stupid. I wonder how many people stayed in that room after you without any action taken by the hotel?

  6. What a horrible experience! I would be having nightmares for some time.

    I think formal written snail-mail is best in these situations. E-mail doesn't always speak with formality and might not be received/replied to by someone whose first language is English. And I would cc the letter to the hotel chain to the county health department and reference that in the letter. Also, I would use a 'for your information' approach, sticking to the facts, stating that you will follow-up if more damages become apparent. What might happen is meaningless in terms of accountability.

    Unless you were just wanting to give the hotel chain a verbal spanking. If so, I don't think they cried very hard.

  7. that letter is NOT good enough! Do you ever post on trip advisor? if not I would for sure post your review of said hotel there...I used TA for my whole vacation-I took a chance on one hotel even after reading the reviews(it was in the perfect location) and i should have listened to the reviews...
    we stayed at a holiday inn express(not the room in question) it the room was fab but we couldnt use the pool area (and I am not a prude-EXCEPT for having mojo in my car LOL-one of your prior posts) but almost nude youngins drunk at the pool my beanies didnt need to see peckers and puntanes sculpted better than my hair...just sayin...

    Find out the corporate email addys and email them-thats what i would do....

  8. Oh, wow - I can't even believe that email! You should forward THAT to the high ups at the hotel. There is no excuse for poor spelling when there is spell check!
    Ewww...the whole experience must have been awful!

  9. You should definitely attach that re sponse to your follow up. You're doing somebody a favor letting them know about this horrific situation, and they should not only exhibit a little customer service, how about a little respect????? This kind of thing makes me crazy!

  10. Woah. That's a whole lotta hot mess.

  11. First, go to the hotels online site and post a review. I read those things and due to a BUNCH of ICK reviews, I cancelled at one particular DAYS INN where we were scheduled for a week. I never stay at a DAYS INN but it was the only motel in the area. So we changed our plans due to the reviews.

    POST THAT MOTEL ON YOUR BLOG. It will help your readers, help your sense of outrage, but it won't hurt the motel and that's the shame of it.

    Before I enter a motel room, I ask for the key. They oblige. I go to the room, strip it down to the mattress pad, then call my husband on his phone and give him the OK or the GET OUT NOW. Then return the key and leave, or meet Joe in the room after he's paid for it.

    I'm the MOTEL VISITOR FROM HELL. Then I spray everything with Lysol. Door handles; faucets and the tv remote. Yeah. I'm paranoid but bugless.

  12. Ugh. Itching. Warn me about the bedbugs posts, will y?