Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just stuff

Notice that little button on the left that says "Don't Get Crabby"?  It's to explain that it's summer and my blogging (posting, reading and commenting) may be a little slow until the kids go back to school.  Feel free to visit Em and grab a button!

CJ, who's five, makes me proud.  We were walking back from the Poultry Days Festival to our tent.  CJ looks at me and says, "Is it just me or do I smell beer?"  I had to chuckle, we had just passed an Ultimate player who had an open container.  No surprise that all of my kids recognize the smell of beer.  Big E, who is 12, was hanging with some college and older young adults kids playing flutter and a few other "off field" frisbee games.  I had to remind him he could NOT have any beer.  He looked at me like I was nuts and shook his head.

We were exiting from the interstate the other day and CJ said "We're getting on the highway."  I explained we were actually getting off of the highway. He argued with me for a second.  As we were on the entrance ramp to the interstate, he said, "Now we're getting off of the highway."  I am thinking, "hhhmmm...does this kid have 'off' and 'on' confused?"  I explained we were getting ON the highway.  His answer?  "No, we are going down a hill, how can this be the highway?  This is the low-way."

I was watching the finale for Desperate Housewives of New Jersey and Sous Chef came in the room during their big, profanity filled fight.  He then says, "I hope that woman has a lot of money because she owes the swear jar some cash."  Funny, we don't even have a swear jar and we never have.  He then said, "Now that is what I call a heated discussion."  Now those are some classy broads.  I am reminded again that money does not buy class or good taste.


  1. And I thought I was the only one that watched that show! I haven't seen last night's though....savin' it for later. But you are so right about the class. I am consistently amazed.

  2. I LOVE the fact that after the fight, they cut to shots of the women saying how they are normally SO CLASSY! Um, sure....

  3. CJ is wise way beyond his years...sometimes. The on and off ramps that's too funny!

  4. Highway, lowway--they keep us thinking!

    That button? So true! My schedule has been out of wack for the past 2 weeks now!

  5. Kind of like the parkway vs. driveway argument - who comes up with the names, anyway?

    Thanks for the linky love! I came by about 3 hours ago to tell you that, but then, you know, kids happened. Doesn't being a P.O.S. Blogger mean never having to say you're sorry?

    I'm still sorry. :-) Em

  6. I love kid logic it always seems to make way more sense then how we have things set up...maybe it should be high way and low way.

  7. I love the crabby button! Ain't that the truth?! Still... what excuse can I use the rest of the year? ;)