Friday, June 5, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Coldplay Concert Recap

(If you are looking for Friday Fragments, they are below this entry.)

The concert was kick ass for lack of a better description. Though my husband and I agree we liked the venue in Kansas City, where we first saw Colplay, much better, it was fun to be back in familiar territory at Riverbend Music Center. My husband and I have been here many times over the years for a variety of concerts - all day music festivals like Lollapalooza and Lilith Fair; the Cinci Pops and a variety of our other favorite bands.

We have NEVER seen the place as packed as it was last night. To quote a friend who sent me an instant message that said "Are you in the compound yet? Where are you? We are in this cluster fuct of people and the masses! LOL" I was thankful we spent money for Pavillion seats. MG and I chuckled because the pavillion was mostly full of the over 40 crowd and families. We decided that was for two reasons: 1. the old farts can't handle sitting on the ground without a seat back to lean against and 2. the younger crowd can't fork out the $$ for pavillion seats. Two concert tickets for us were well over $200 and we bought the "cheap" seats. Add to that our drinks and six hours of childcare and it adds up to quite a tab. (I realize you east and west coasters are probably thinking we got a great deal, but here in little ol' SW Ohio where the cost of living is good...well, you get the picture!) I can say this, the next time I see them, I will be forking out the money for the even better seats.

There is one thing for sure. Coldplay LOVES to put on a concert. They seem to genuinely have fun and they interact a lot with the fans. They had two different "small" stages set up right IN the crowd. The one was about ten rows in front of us, which was great. The other was out in the lawn with the "cluster fuct of people and the masses." So cool. When we saw them in KC, Chris Martin came right into the audience, almost within touching distance for me and found an empty seat, got up on it and kept right on singing. The fact that he was within touching distance of me and I cannot link you to an article or police report about some crazy fan tackling him to the ground to smother him with kisses is quite an accomplishment for me! I would do him in a minute. For that matter, I would probably do Gwyneth (for anyone unawares, Chris Martin is married to Gwyneth Paltrow) in a minute, too. I kept hoping I would run into her last night.

There were tons of families there. Lots of dads and daughters. And I mean 40-50 something men with their 8-13 year old daughters, not 60 something year old Sugar Daddies with their 20 something babes! I am thankful, though, none of those families sat near us. Lots of moms and sons. The age range for the concert goers literally ranged from about 3 yrs. old to late 60's. I saw a couple of women who really could have been my mother!

There were so many good looking people at this concert. And I saw someone who looked like Wes from The Bachelorette. He was with some blonde hottie, so we can all rest easily knowing that Jillian boots him off the show at some point.

So that's the good.

While there were lots of beautiful people to look at and admire, there is always the other end of the spectrum. My husband and I cracked up when we saw a balding man with a mullet walking around. Really? Don't people know that neither of those hairstyles is attractive and he is combining the two? My husband called it the "combover mullet." After laughing and making jokes, about 15 minutes later that man sat right in front of us with his girlfriend! I could KICK MYSELF for not having my phone with the camera on it. I tried to get the guy next to me to take a picture and e-mail it but by the time he got done taking his own pictures and videos, the combover mullet left. Just picture this with long stringy hair going down the back and add a bald spot at the crown. Oooohhhh.

See above.

We had a blast. Concert over, we get to our car and the parking lot is not moving a bit. So what's one to do while just sitting there in a parking spot that you can't move from? My BFF will know what I am about to type, but for the rest of you, I will tell you. A little hanky panky in the back of the minivan. Stow and go seats were the best thing ever invented for mini-vans. I would have been quite embarrassed to have had to toss the back bench seat out of the back of the van into the parking lot. I'll leave out the details of me trying to find a private spot in the mass of cars to piss. I really needed this.

If you were hoping for a recap of the Howling Bells or Pete Yorn, I can say this. They were both good, though the Howling Bells only played for a 1/2 hour and we missed a good part of it. I don't know a ton about Pete Yorn and am only vaguely familiar with him and his music. He has only been on tour with Colplay for two weeks and last night was his last show. He is probably better to see in a much smaller venue/setting.


  1. yeah, i was going to say that pete yorn seems awfully mellow to be at a big venue.

    so can i assume this was AFTER the 3 drinks that you asked your seat neighbor to take photos of the combovermullet?

  2. Nothing like back seat hanky panky!!!!

  3. Van hanky panky is fun on group camping trips, too!
    We saw Coldplay in awesome seats at Gibson Amphitheater for $54 before the release of X and Y because they were a "surprise" guest at a KCRW concert. They ARE amazing live! So glad to hear you had a rockin' night.

  4. Wooooooohooooooooooo sounds like a great time! My daughter loves Coldplay. Nice to know it is worth the $$$

    I have seen those balding mullets.. very scary. You got to end the concert night by getting some in the back seat? YOU GO GIRL.

    I would have thrown out the back seat though.. meh whho needs it anyway.

    I am glad you had fun.. off to FF now ;)

  5. I love going to concerts!!!!

  6. I knew where you were going when your sentence started with "So what's one to do...." You crack me up!

  7. Coldplay being seen from the BACK of a bald mullet. Which did you look at the most? Come on. I betcha the view was RUINED after that.

  8. Poor guy.... Glad you had fun at the concert.

  9. I was going to say "Business in the front, party in the back" but it sounds like business is little slow in the front. =(

  10. I havent been to a concert in years....and hanky panky in the back of a van I am too much of a chicken my luck a cop would see us and then i would be arrested