Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Fragments

Well, well, well, it's here again. TGIF. School's out, the sun is warm and I might have to pull my lawnchair out to the driveway with a cooler and just wait for the neighbors to meander over for some good ol' summer time happy hour fun! Before you stop by for a drink though, go visit Mrs. 4444 for other Friday Fragments.
  • I will start by saying the Coldplay concert was super. I didn't expect anything less, being that they are my fave. I will do a concert recap later today, when I am more awake and no longer emitting Captain Morgan's through my pores. I only had three drinks, but I didn't eat dinner and as MG said in a text to a friend who was at the concert "My wife is toasted." At least I don't have ashtray throat since the concert was outside.
  • I've seen several reruns of Real Housewives of NYC and a few of the New Jersey version. When I watch either of these, I am reminded that money does NOT buy class or good taste. I am also a little confused about how a woman can be a houseWIFE (emphasis on wife) when she is a single and in one case, has a career in cooking/nutrition. That makes no sense to me.
  • On the last day of school, CJ and I went to have lunch at Sous Chef's school. It was raining when we left and I told him to run as I took off. It took him a minute to get up the courage to blast into the pouring rain. Once he did, I hear this loud squeal followed by "my shorts are falling down." Indeed, when I turned around, he was holding his toy (a pinecone he had found at the park the day before) in one hand and trying to keep his shorts up with the other while bolting through the rain. We were both cracking up.
  • Sous Chef sat down his Nintendo DS at the park while he played on the jungle gym. When he went to get it, it was gone. Hard lesson for him - don't leave your things laying around. However, I am pissed that some snot nosed kid/teenager/young adult stole it and probably sold it to Game Stop or somewhere for cash so their parents wouldn't see they had an extra one laying around. Sous Chef is now doing some chores to earn extra money to replace his stolen one, which he also used his own money for. Thursday, I groomed all of our bushes/shrubs and he did all of the clean up work!
  • Big E invited a different friend on our St. Louis trip and so far, it's a go. The boy can join us!


  1. Yeah! I'm so happy to hear a new buddy is along for the ride.

    And don't you just love spontaneous laughter - nothing better to share with a kiddo!

    Happy, happy weekend - E

  2. my girlfriend took her daughter to see coldplay and she absolutely loved it. i guess this is twice now that they have seen them. sounds like you had quite the time! man, ONLY 3 drinks? i'd be up on stage after 3 drinks. i guess i am a cheap date.

    oh, and i am so with you on the whole housewife thing.

  3. Poor SC! I would be one mad momma, too. Why can't everyone be nice? I hope MG enjoyed you being toasted;)

  4. We have trouble with leaving things laying around and then they go missing. How many times do have to say, did you pick this up, your bike is at the end of the drive.......

    It's always fun when the kids have a friend go along on a trip.

    Enjoyed your fragments list.

  5. Wow - sounds like a busy week!

    Coldplay concert? FUN!

  6. note to Jo: ALWAYS eat before drinking ALWAYS! I learned that the heard way too.

    CJ wasn't the least bit enmbarrassed? Good for him!!

    Poor SC.. it always sux to lose a great handheld video game.. but it really hits home when you lose something you paid for.. next time.. you KNOW he will be more careful.. well you can HOPE anyway

  7. Why must those Real Housewives shows be so annoying yet so addicting??

  8. That makes me so mad! (someone stealing his DS). Fortunately, what goes around does come around, and the thief will get what he deserves. You're right; it's a relatively cheap lesson to learn so early in life, and it "builds character," right?!