Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday Fragments on Saturday

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A friend turned me on to Pandora. I love this! Check it out if you like to listen to music while you are on the computer. She uses it in her classroom - she teaches high school art and lets the kids select some tunes while they are working. Cool teacher!

I am amazed at those who say they don't like music. WHAT? I can't imagine not liking music. I understand having different tastes in music or not liking a certain type of music. For me that would be country and opera. But to just not like music, any music, is just unfathomable (How's that for an impressive word? It might be summer, but my brain still works some days.) to me!

This week at the pool I saw the brattiest kid I think I have seen in a long time.  I don't just mean ornery or highly spirited, I mean BRAT.  And his mom doesn't even notice because she is too busy reading her magazine.  When he sprayed her with his super soaker, she finally noticed him and she told him to stop so he sprayed her again.  She got out of her lounge chair and he ran and jumped in the deep end knowing she wouldn't go in after him.  She walked about 1/2 way around the pool to the deep end, but decided to stop and talk to another mom.  THAT will show him not to misbehave.  That is one MINOR example of his behavior and he did that after he kicked Sous Chef in the stomach and pushed CJ almost to the ground and spent the day tormenting all the kids at the pool.  I, however, did not let him get away with picking on my kids and gave him a talking to.  I also told CJ the next time "Water Wings" (that was my name for him, even though I do know his real name) splashes him or pushes him and he doesn't stop when CJ asks him to that CJ should return the splash or push him back.  Water Wings heard that and was really nice to CJ from then on.  CJ, however, totally ignored him.  I'm a bad ass like that and think "turning the other cheek" only goes so far.  Water Wings is a fine example of why I don't really like other people's children (and don't think too highly of the parents, either).

I am having a fun day today.  MG is out of town for work for what seems like forever.  (No bedbugs in his hotel room, though, according to his search, which I am sure was not as thorough as my search would have been, but he is pretty grossed out by this whole thing, too, so I know he checked.)  My friend and roommate from college is treating me to a pedicure today and then we are going out to dinner.  Her husband is going to watch all of the kids (they have three kids, all about the same ages as mine and they play well together).  After that, we are going back to her house and joining the block party on her street.


  1. I'm not a big audiophile, but I do like music I can sing to. There is nothing so satisfying as singing at the top of one's lungs, doncha think?

    Sounds like you're going to enjoy your weekend immensely! I'm sure you deserve it :)

  2. Oh your weekend sounds so wonderful!! Enjoy every second.

    And the brat, yeah, Hubs has instructed our Oldest that you give them one chance, and then you may defend yourself. No questions asked. Brats turn into bullies - I can't believe any parent would want that.

    But then they would have to care, wouldn't they?

  3. This is amazing!! I am so glad to found your blog! Keep up the great posts…..