Monday, May 11, 2009

No Frizz

Not too long ago, I wrote about the Today Show's Triple Threat, frizz. I was so excited to try it and give you all a shining review of what a miracle product this is. Take it from me, my hair needs a miracle product.  Well, here it goes.

I was pretty disappointed with this product. I bought the version for medium to thick hair. That is not to say it didn't work, but it didn't work any better than any of the other products I have tried, at a much cheaper price. A 4 oz. bottle of frizz is $24.00.  You can buy it online at LivingProof or at Sephora stores or online.

The triple threat the Today Show described was that the product:
  • Elimates frizz - It did this only to the degree that other products do.  It did not eliminate the need for me to use a flat iron and other products to get my hair under control.
  • Shortens the drying time by half - Um, no.
  • Repels dirt - I didn't notice my hair seemed any more dirt repellent after a month a couple of days of not washing it than I do with any other product.
I have tried it on multiple occasions and the only thing I can think to try differently is to try the two other versions: fine to medium hair (not really me) or thick to coarse hair (most likely this one).  I may do that.  The other thing that might make a difference is to use it on a more regular basis.  Though I have used it multiple times, it has never been consecutively.  I'm not sure if that matters, but it might be something to consider.

I have looked at reviews others have written about this product and it does seem people either really like it or aren't impressed at all.  Obviously, I am in the latter group.  But I had to give it a try, it was on the Today Show after all.  Oddly enough, it was on again today, being touted by a different beauty "expert."  So maybe I am missing something.  I watched the video, as far as I know I used the product correctly, but just didn't see the results I had hoped for.  Maybe I set my standards too high.  Maybe I have unruly hair.  Maybe I should try the stronger version.  Maybe I will and I will blog again with better results.

They also sent me a sample of the Wave Shaping No Frizz Cream.  I hated it.  My hair felt very gummy and sticky after blowing it dry.  It was almost like when you have a ton of hairspray on your hair and go out into a misty, damp day and your hair gets a thin layer of muck.  I remember those days from having plastered 80's hair.

So, I am back to some of my usual products and have incorporated a couple of new ones.  The last few days, my hair has felt pretty damn good and not frizzy at all, with a little work, of course!

What products do you use that you like for your hair type?


  1. Bummer on the new product. I saw that segment this morning as well - I was excited to hear that the Neutrogena deep cleaner offered good results. Hmm, maybe I should be a little more skeptical.

    And you don't want to know what products I use on my stick straight hair - anything that promotes volume and waves. Sorry.

    (I'm still thinking of your UnMother's Day post - so brilliant!)

  2. I've been using Neutragena's Moisturizing shampoo (beige and orange tubes) for a few years, and I love it. My hair doesn't get tired of it at all. I have pretty great hair too.

  3. the pantene anti frizz serum works pretty well. but what i have been using for a while now is paul mitchell super skinny serum.

  4. Can't say I'm really using anything I love, but seriously, if there were an invention short of actually having shorter hair that cut the drying time down, I'd be all over it!

  5. hey. . . if it's that expensive, i'm sure my daughters will be using my money to buy it in no time!!!

  6. I honestly haven't had much luck with more hair products. Keep me updates if you find something great because my hair tends to be on the frizzy side too.

  7. Everytime my sister visits me I borrow her Chi silk infusion. One of these days I'm going to break down and buy some (it's kind of pricey). It really makes my long dry hair feel smooth and silky. It smells good too.