Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fragments

I can't believe Friday is finally here! Between a pneumonia ridden kid, a clogged toilet that had no interest in de-clogging, juggling work and social stuff along with getting a babysitter so I can do work and social stuff, and having the hubs out of town all week and this weekend, I am glad Friday is here! Check out Mrs. 4444 for more Friday Fragments.

  • Last night I went with my friend, Stephen, and another friend of his, Tom, to see Camera Obscura at the Southgate House in northern KY. (I live in a thriving metropolis on the northern "shore" of the Ohio River. I have never really named the city where I live, but I have left enough clues over time that if you REALLY wanted to know, you could certainly figure it out and many of you have.) We all gave the concert a thumbs up. Ohio is a non-smoking state in public places. Kentucky is not, being that it's tobacco industry keeps the farmers employed. It took me a few minutes to figure out "what's that smell?" Though I am not a fan of smoking or the smell of smoke, there wasn't enough to make my eyes water and it was kind of "refreshing" to be in a room with cig smoke while drinking my Beck's beer. Brings back some fun memories of my younger years. I can't remember the last time those two things happened simultaneously! I think I passed the "cool" test and the boys said they enjoyed having a chick along, so maybe I will get invited to go somewhere again! I didn't ask if Tom's wife ever comes along, so she may trump my attendance, unless of course they would permit two chicks to join in.
  • I think people are FED UP. I mean GOOD people are fed up with the bullshit and criminal behavior of others. I have been thinking about this for a couple of days now. Deb at Suburb Sanity wrote about the guy on the bridge in China who was threatening suicide by jumping off of a bridge. He blocked traffic for five hours. Some other respectable guy broke through the police barricade and wanted to shake the suicidal guys hand. Once they started shaking hands, the respectable guy shoved the suicidal guy off the bridge. I cracked up when she blogged about this and was happy to later find the video posted by a friend of mine on Facebook, because it would not have been nice if I had laughed about a guy losing his life.

    Then a friend posted on Facebook about the pharmacist in Oklahoma who was being robbed by two teenage thugs who had a gun. He got a gun and shot one of them in the head. The other guy got away. Just to make sure the shot thug wasn't going to come at him again, the pharmacist shot him five more times. Sounds like he was just tired of the thugs getting the best of the honest man. But do you know what happened to the pharmacist? He was arrested for murder because it was not necessary for him to shoot the 16 yr. old thug those extra five times and the coroner determined that is what killed the criminal. That makes me want to scream. My thought is, "stop breaking the damn law and putting yourself in the position to require people to shoot you in order to protect themselves!" I just don't get it and when I e-mail Deb, I told her to check out the moving "Falling Down" because both of these scenarios remind me of that dark comedy.
  • Wow, I think I will leave today's fragments at these two. They probably could have each stood on their own. I will also leave you with a couple of videos from Camera Obscura.  I have turned off the streaming music for now and will be adding all Coldplay songs in the next few days.  My husband and I will be going to the Colplay concert on Thursday.


  1. I am not sure how I feel about the crime rate and people taking their own actions may start something that we can not controll

  2. The older gentleman shoving the younger, selfish guy off the bridge...a lesson that so many people need to learn.

    The pharmacist, I can't tell you how mad that makes me. I'm surprised they didn't fine him for shooting a gun without a license.


  3. I imagine that the parents of the thugs are blaming the pharmacist, too. I have students who constantly blame other people for their decisions, too; it's scary.

    Sorry I can't say more; it's already 1am, and we're leaving early tomorrow. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for participating this week :) Have a great weekend!