Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Fragments

TGIF. I'm back with Friday Fragments. This week's issue is not as much fragmented as it is blurry from the stronger muscle relaxers I am on for a "thoracic strain" which is just a medical way of saying I have pulled every damn muscle in my back from my upper right shoulder/neck to the bottom of my right shoulder blade. Visit Mrs. 4444 for healthier versions of Friday Fragments.

  • On Sunday, MG and I are attending a wedding. This will be our SECOND time going to a Hindu-Jewish wedding. The first one was about ten years ago and we really never thought it would happen again. But here we are, 2009, and we are doing it again. MG is happy to know they will be serving cocktails during and in between each ceremony. And I might be a little happy about that myself!
  • Next week I am headed to a venue to see the band Camera Obscura with my friend Stephen. I have updated my music list with their tunes. I have moved the play list out of the sidebar and onto the bottom of the blog page, just in case you were looking for it!
  • I wrote earlier this week about CJ requesting "that work song." We have listened to it over and over again this week and he is now telling Sous Chef and Big E about the song, which he refered to as "Work I Love". I have corrected him and he now knows it's "Work FOR Love".
  • Anyone else looking forward to and dreading summer break, both at the same time?
  • Is anyone else having trouble loading pictures into your blog entries when using Blogger Draft?
  • Have you seen the new Victoria's Secret BioFit 7-Way Bra? I am off today to buy one. Too bad the bra can't make me look exactly like this chick.


  1. Hi Jo,
    Can't wait to hear about the Hindu-Jewish wedding. That has got to be a blast!
    Haven't had enough sleep so I'm actually looking forward to summer ...
    I'm having major problems with Internet Explorer - keep saying Operation aborted!
    And I want that body, too!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. i usually do okay with summer until about the end of july. then everything comes to a screeching halt and i get crazy. as of now, i can't wait for it!

    try to sneak some pics at the wedding! AND at the concert!

    oh, and i just can't discuss bras. too depressing.

  3. Very cool bra. I'm with you on that one, wish I looked like that hottie!

  4. Wouldn't it be nice to buy an article of clothing and it make your body look just like the models? I'd die on the spot.

  5. That bra is awesome. I love Victoria's Secret but despise their prices and their employees. Geesh, leave me alone, I know what size I am no need to bring your measuring tape anywhere near me! LOL I would love to look like that model even if it were only for a day.

  6. If only a bra could really work wonders. I keep wondering if there will be a time when they make a bra at VS, that has a large enough cup size for us larger gals. So until then, I can only dream.

  7. Camera Obscura = Love

    Let us know about the bra!


  8. The VS bra wouldn't work for me-- What I really need is a 24/7 airbrusher to follow me around. I'm with you on summer break. It's just so much more work AND it's really hot... and I don't even have kids :-) Have fun at the wedding!

  9. Unfortunately, putting on a bra with straps in that location would be ridiculous for me; I need them in the "right" place, or I could draw a crowd. Sounds like you have a very exciting weekend plans!

  10. Geez, if I looked like that model, I wouldn't bother wearing a bra!

  11. What the---- IF a bra made me look like that, I would just wear that all day every day. I might even skip the panties... because I'm classy like that.