Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Fragments

What time is it? It's FRIDAY FRAGMENTS time with Mrs. 4444. Time to get all those little thoughts onto your blog. You know, the ones that don't really qualify for their very own post but are still noteworthy! Check out Mrs. 4444 for other fragmented Fridays.
  • I totally agree with Jon Stewart regarding the Air Force One flyover of NYC. Haven't those people ever heard of PHOTOSHOP? Geeze.
  • I was in the car line at preschool the other day checking out my face in the visor mirror. I noticed it had been a while since I had done some grooming of my upper lip and there was one very dark, very obvious hair that needed to be taken care of PRONTO. No problem, I keep some tweezers in that little compartment between the front seats. Or I should say, there is supposed to be tweezers in that little compartment. Does anyone but me notice how when you put something somewhere so you know where it is and you always return it there, that someone else seems to get a hold of it and it's never to be seen again? I HATE that. I would like to know what any of my family members, all male, needed a pair of tweezers for and why they couldn't return it. Anyway, I managed to pull the hair with my fingernails and, I kid you not, while I type this blog entry today, I am sitting with some hair removal cream on my upper lip.
  • The sun is out today and CJ might actually get to play ball. Every. Single. Game. of his has been rained out this season. He is about to self combust with excitement to finally play a game. Oh, and I promised him after his first game we could go to the local Whippy Dip (ie: soft serve ice cream shop), so maybe that is what he's really excited about.
  • I am looking forward to the end of the school year.
  • I have some pulled muscles in my back and it doesn't seem to matter how many muscle relaxers I take, they aren't helping. They do make me feel all warm and fuzzy, though, so that's a bonus.


  1. mmmmmmmmmm muscle relaxers. I like those.

    I am happy to hear CJ will actually get to play. Thank you for sending that rain down here we really needed it!

    Hope you get rid of that hair.. that sux. Shit disappears at my house all the time too.. I just don't get it

  2. OMG! Some of my best plucking is done while in the car! Why is it have never thought to have a pair of tweezers in the car! I've always tucked mine in my pocket when we've been getting ready to leave somewhere (or, yes, I have gone out, pulled the car out into the drive, and sat there and plucked - but only when the neighbors are all at work!!). This is a brilliant idea and I will be buying a spare pair today, which I will guard with my life, because I hear what you're saying. Some hands with not hair to pluck will likely try to snag them!

  3. Have you seen the final shot of Airforce One over the Statue of Liberty - the sad part is, is that it LOOKS Photoshopped.

    (this from a former art director)

  4. I hope your son loves his baseball game and his ice cream! I'm sitting with a heating pad on my shoulder-- the shoulder that I've been going to physical therapy for weekly that still hurts. The therapist makes my back feel great, but my shoulder is still killing me. Oh well.... Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks for the laugh!
    Enjoy your weekend

  6. oh i keep an emergency set of tweezers in my car for that same reason! stray goat hairs are unacceptable!

    hope cj got to play, but more importantly, i hope you got your ice cream!

    ah, the end of the year... so close but yet so far away. time came to a screeching halt for me this week.

    have a great weekend, my girl!