Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Buns in the oven

Not buns, really, just bread. Though I am going to try some buns, rolls and pitas! Catherine motivated me to make my own bread. So I did. I was quite intimidated. I have made other types of dough from scratch, but not any that required yeast. Yeast intimidates me. (I could make a gross yeast infection joke here, but I won't. Now that the thought is in your head, that is good enough.) My mom was never able to get bread to rise. With memories of my mom's dough being flat and flatter, I was intimidated.

Round one. I made the dough, did the kneading, my dough doubled in size! I was so excited, I punched it down, rolled it out and rolled it into a loaf shape and put it in the loaf pans (this recipe makes two loaves). Into the oven it went. Only one problem with that scenario. After you roll into the loaf shape and into the pan, you are supposed to let it rise again. Oops. It still tasted yummy, but it was quite dense.

Round two. I made the dough, did the kneading, my dough doubled in size! I punched it down, rolled it out and rolled it into the loaf shape and into the loaf pans. I LET IT RISE (see, I learn from my mistakes!). One loaf doubled in size again, the other didn't rise as much, which I thought was odd since they came from the same dough batch. Oh well. I put the risen dough into the oven and ba-da-bing. It went flat! FLAT I tell you. Not toally flat, but it certainly didn't stay puffed up to it's "double" size. I let the other loaf keep rising, and it did eventually get a little bigger. Out came one loaf, a little flatter than I expected, and in went the "not quite doubled in size" loaf. B-da-bing, it went flat. Really flat. It looked like pound cake when I took it out. They both still tasted good, especially as toast with butter and jelly. I read some about why bread flattens after it has risen and I think my oven wasn't hot enough to "instantly" set the risen dough.

Round three. I try some buttcrust white bread. I made the dough, did the kneading, my dough doubled in size, though it was a little touch and go at first. I went through all of the steps, turned on my oven 1/2 hour before the bread would go in to ensure it's hotness. Ba-da-bing! I have a yummy golden loaf of white bread that is puffy and delicious. I was so determined to get the bread in the oven without it going flat that I forgot to put the butter on top prior to baking. However, I brushed it on just as it came out of the oven and it worked fine.

I need to work on rolling the dough into a loaf. I have some air bubbles in my loaves and that is because I am not properly pinching each roll of the dough to prevent the air bubbles. I guess that will get better over time, assuming I stick with this baking bread thing.

As I was making this bread and watching it go flat, I couldn't help thinking that I wish my stomach, ass, flabby arms and thighs would go flat just like that bread. They are looking a little puffy and risen lately and no matter what I do, they just won't shrink like that bread did. It did it right before my eyes. No starving, no exercising, no nothing. It's just not fair.


  1. ha ha - yes it's not fair that the bread can so easily go flat when our bodies can't ;)
    I loooove making homemade bread. Especially in the winter.

  2. hahahaha yeah! I tried two times and I am in a break. When you get the trick of it is piece of cake... but when you are still learning it can be frustrating!

  3. On man that is some dedication. I'm am bummed to hear the second batch went flat.

  4. As you might guess, I'm not much of a bread maker, but I would like a chance to punch something down. . .

  5. Making your own pitas? Interesting! I'm too intimidated to try making my own bread.

  6. You are good to keep trying. I took a class on yeast breads and was so exhausted from all the kneading that I never made another loaf again :-( But you inspired me to pull out the recipes. Now if we could just figure out how to deflate body parts...

  7. I'm not ready to attempt it yet--I just let my mom make it in her bread maker!

    Yeast infection--ewwww.