Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute: Lands' End

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

God bless Jay at Halftime Lessons. For those of us who are not creative enough to come up with our own topics for a Tuesday's Tribute, he is now assigning a topic for us slackers. He's polite and calls it a "prompt" but I think it's meant for people like me who have been writing horribly lame posts. (I kid, Jay! Not about my horribly lame posts, but about your reasons for coming up with a prompt.) It's a little blah over here at Under the Influence these days and I am glad I have Jay to prod me along.

So the assignment prompt Jay gave us today is: Someone in retail that really helped, OR who REALLY pissed you off...

Since lately most of my shopping has been online and the shopping I have done in stores has been quite pleasant (well, I mean the service has been quite pleasant. The ability to find something I like AND that fits me has not been so pleasant.), I will focus on retail help via the telephone. This person is known as the Customer Service Rep. (For some really funny CSR stories, visit Soggy-Doggy Bloggy here and here. She is a CSR and she makes me giggle when she tells stories of crappy customers. Because of her industry, I KNOW I am not one of them!).

Lands' End has the most awesome CSRs and service in general. Buy something you don't like? No problem, send it back with the preprinted return label that comes with your item(s). Call them to tell them your child's backpack, that is gently used, as in three years old but well taken care of!, has a broken zipper and ask for help how to fix it/get it fixed and voila, a brand new backpack is on it's way, PRONTO and with a smile. Don't have your receipt? Just give them your name and they can pull up all of your orders for the last two years or so. They rock!

I recently had to call them twice in a very short time span. First, I ordered a bunch of stuff, got FREE shipping, and then the very next day, everything I ordered went on sale. One quickie phone call and I was reimbursed over $40.00. Once I received the order, I realized I will need to send some stuff back and order some different sizes. No problem. A five minute phone call and my items are on their way. They'll be here in approximately three days, FREE shipping again. The best part is, it is always hassle free. It's not like other places, say, oh, the cable company, where you have to throw a fit, curse and threaten to hunt them down in a dark alley to go to the competitor before you can get what you want. At Lands' End, you just tell the CSR what you need, what your problem is and they take care of it. I wonder what else those Lands' End CSRs can do? I need help in a lot of other areas, too.


  1. what a FAB tribute! we too ♥ Lands End

  2. uuummm, can you have them talk to my telephone company please??, yeah, thnx

  3. LL Bean is like this, too. I know, because I have been one of the CSR's for the last 13 holiday seasons.

    It's a smart move on the company's part - talk about customer loyalty!

  4. And THE ACCENT!!! You have to love the accent up there in north Dakota!

  5. Thanks for the love! I don't think you are one of the people I despise, but if you ever call here and get me.. PLEASE tell me so I can be nice to you!

    Thats some nice stuff to know about Lands End, I don't shop there but if I do I will know what to expect

  6. In this economy, all retail outlets should be bending over backwards to please the customer, and clearly, Land's End has it down to a science. This kind of word of mouth pat on the back can go a long way around and help them, and it's good to know that good customer service doesn't go unnoticed.

  7. I actually had to tell a internet CSR to stop snapping at me once, lol! It's funny now but it sure wasn't when I was trying to find out why my internet wasn't working!

  8. Oh, Land's End people are the best! And LL Bean too. Eddie Bauer. All those salt-of-the-earth type of retail places are just the best at customer service. So refreshing, and it TOTALLY makes you want to go to them again and again.

  9. LOL I love that you think Im over here being pissed off at people's posts...;-)

    Actually all Im doing with the prompts is trying to show people taht pretty much anything goes...the wheels are off the bus over at HalftimeLessons...



    PS- I was greeted with Coldplay when I got to your blog...you sure know how to treat an audiophile. ;-)

  10. Thanks for reminding me about L.E. They are great; you really get what you pay for.