Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's a party!

Sous Chef turned nine in December.  December 20 to be exact.  A birthday at that time of year makes it hard to have a party.  So we did it today.  We don't go all out every year by renting a facility geared towards kids and enteraining them.  Gasp.  Choke.  Shame on us.  I know many parents find this appalling, but that's the way it is.  (And to add insult to injury, we don't do goodie bags either.  Really, what nine year old wants a baggie full of stickers, pencils and other shit?  If the two games of laser tag and the gzillion tokens to play video games wasn't enough, too bad, kids!  Most of that gets thrown out anyway.  C'mon, admit it parents, you THROW IT AWAY.  On a sidenote, when we have done "goodie bags," it wasn't a bag but we gave each child three gift certificates to McDonald's, which would get them a kids meal.  We heard so many THANK YOUs from parents who were so glad to not have goodie bags and crap to clutter their house and end up in the garbage.  Several times I was told, "I'm going to steal your idea!")  We don't blow off birthdays, we do it up nicely the day of and we have the family over for dinner, etc., we just don't go all out every year. In 2007, which would have been Sous Chef's year for a party, he did not have a party at all.  We had just moved, we were getting settled, getting ready for Christmas and decided, like always, to have it later.  We thought we would have a pool party, which was great and didn't even really fall into the "large" party category as we have a subdivsion pool at our disposal all summer at no cost (at least not beyond the oodles we pay in HOA fees).  Well, summer came and went and the poor kid never got to celebrate his b-day with a "friend" party. 

So this year, when he normally wouldn't have anything big, we did it.  We had ten kids total (which included ours) to go play a couple of rounds of Laser Tag and video games.  It was so fun and Sous Chef had a blast.  Which is good, because starting next year he is back to the no "smaller" celebration of having a friend or two stay all night and play video games or go to a movie!  As it turns out though, that is pretty much like every weekend at our house...

Here are some pictures:

This is the whole group.  Sous Chef is in the white shirt, Big E is in the front with all the hair (my hubs said he Big E is starting to look like Jim Morrison!).  CJ is behind Big E with his hands covering his face.
Here is everyone again.
Sous Chef putting out a fire in a video game.
CJ getting vested up for a game of laser tag.
Sous Chef showing off how he can put his foot behind his neck.  He's a limber little guy!  Maybe someday he can turn that into a money maker and MG and I can retire in style.  Or maybe not.


  1. What a great idea! My birthday is only 3 days after my oldests' birthday so I kind of miss out. I need to declare a separate day just for me!

  2. How fun! My son's birthday is December 27th, so I know exactly how hard it is to get a party together at that time of year.

    I need some ibuprofen now. That foot behind the head thing has made my leg hurt. LOL

  3. I love the new look around here. Very springy and fresh.
    And I don't like all that junk at parties either. Good for you.

  4. I have always thought about doing that for everyone. My daughter is Christmas Eve My hubby is Dec 30th and Son is right around thanksgiving. What a great time everyone had.. you are a great mom.

  5. I am slightly confused by the scheduling of which birthdays get a shindig and which don't! In ANY case, it looks like a good time aws had by all, and you didn't have to resort to musical chairs. :)

  6. You sound like a perfectly reasonable parent.

    :-) Thank God.


  7. Here! Here! to the no goody bags. Seriously people throwing parties for your child is not a competition.

    It looks like a fun party, what boy doesn't like shooting at people without consequences? ;)

  8. okay your boys are so super cute!!! looks like they had a blast!

  9. Laser Tag is TOTALLY COOL for boys that age! I bet you are the UBER COOL MOM now!

    I don't do goody bags either. A good idea I have done in the past was get $2 Baskin Robbins gift certificates and put them in a sugar cone filled with M&M's.