Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How much is that doggy in the ... stroller?

I wrote about the topic of dog strollers here.  That was almost seven months ago.  Seven months have passed and I still don't get it.  I think dog strollers are the stupidest fucking things I have seen in I don't even know how long.

Someone in my neighborhood has one of these ridiculous contraptions.  I shake my head and chuckle every time I see it parked on her front walk.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt that maybe the dog was old or handicapped.  However, I have seen her out walking the dog in this damn stroller twice now.  That dog looks as peppy as any puppy.  Does this woman realize she looks like a total moron with her little dog in this stroller with it's zipper cover? (That zipper is obviously a necessity, because heaven forbid the dog actually jump out of the stroller and walk, or worse, RUN!) 

I'll admit, I am not the "pet" person that many people are.  I love animals and I have loved having pets over the years.  But they are pets.  I don't consider them people and while they were a PART of our family, I didn't exactly consider them a MEMBER of the family.  Does this make sense?  I cried when they were gone, I was concerned when they were sick, but I drew the line at treating them like they were humans.  They were well loved, but they were animals.  I wonder what on God's green earth possesses people to totally lose sight of the fact that their pet is an animal and not a person?

And now for your visual entertainment, I present a variety of pet strollers:

First we have the dog stroller.  This is the exact stroller the woman in my neighborhood has.  Clearly, this woman doesn't know what to do with her money, because based on the website I looked at, she wasted a $100 bucks on this!

My entire life, up until about 8 years ago, I have had cats for pets.  That means I had cats for about 33 years.  I know enough about cats to know this thing should be considered a torture chamber and anyone using this should be reported to the SPCA and/or PETA immediately.  I can't imagine any cat that I have ever owned looking forward to this.

For the truly neurotic pet owner who can't buy the typical travel kennel for their beloved pet, you have this.
This is the Pet Gear Travel System and includes a pet carrier, stroller and car seat.  It can be yours for $99.99.

So go on now, run out and buy one of these little delights.  Then, of course, be sure to video tape your human pet riding along in this and post it on YouTube, your blog and don't forget Facebook, so we can all see.  And get a good laugh at your expense.


  1. Oh I am right there with you. I hate those things. It make no sence to me at all. Dogs are supose to walk with you go outside. Your not supose to push them around like your newborn. Children are the only thing that is supose to be in stollers. There are a few people around here who have them and I, like you, have to laugh everytime I see one.

  2. I don't get it! I just don't get it!

    but I DO love those doggie wheelchairs. . . they're the best!

  3. I am so with you! Owning dogs (2 actually, to qualify they had to be 80lbs or larger) was a condition I placed on marriage when my husband proposed - so I am kinda a dog person - but they are supposed to do the walking when they go for a walk. right? Don't get me started on the people who carry them around in hot pink bags like grown up barbie doll dogs...

  4. I've never understood the way people obsess over the CRAP they waste their money on for their pets. Sweaters, hats, diamond studded collars.. all ridiculous bullshit.. they need their heads examined.

  5. Clearly, these people have a baby fetish and are feeding their own effed up minds.

  6. These people are screaming, "Look at me! Look at me! I don't give a shit about my animal, but look at MEEEEEEE!!!!!"

  7. One of my neighbors has one for her really, really old dog. Apparently it's the only way the dog can go more than a couple feet at a time. Those idiotic pink sparkly dog purses, though, ugh.

    And that double cat stroller? Wow.

  8. I can't not believe you feel this way about dog strollers. Doggies ARE people too you know!! They have feelings just like the rest of us and they deserve to be strolled about to get some fresh air when their little legs get tired from all of that ball-chasing. I can not imagine spending our hard-earned money on anything more worthwhile.

    (I hope to GOD you know I'm kidding.)

    (And I love that doggie strollers brought out the "F##K" in you!! :-)

  9. I'm with Lee...you totally f-bombed the strollers! Love it!

    I wonder if maybe it's a fresh air thing for the cats? What about for the dinky dogs that can't keep up with someone on a "REAL" walk? I have no idea, I'm just popping this crap out. :P

  10. But, how do you really feel about doggie strollers?

    Even worse than the doggie stroller is the double cat thing. Anyone who has ever had a cat would know this would not be a treat - for the human or the cats.

  11. I had no strong opinions of either contraption until now. I had seen the cat thingies (but I know little about cats). Now that you mention it, it probably is torture for the cat.

    I just want dog walkers to have bags for their poop. That's what I require. The strollers need to go.

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  13. lol wtf!? well some ppl - the ppl who designed and actually use these things are obviously missing something in their life. Perhaps they can't have children so they turn their dog into their kid.

  14. There's one born every minute.

    I wonder if these are the same people buying those disturbingly realistic dolls?

  15. I'm sure those cats are sitting in there plotting their sweet revenge.