Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Here they are, dressed in their Easter tie-dyes.  We don't let Easter get past us without projecting our hippy selves onto our kids!  The suburbs may have gotten us to conform somewhat, but never 100%.

Here we are using my new camera with the timer.  We weren't really sure what we were doing and therefore my husband looks like he is thinking "hmmm...I wonder if this will work?" and I am thinking "I just need to keep smiling because I can't tell if the camera is taking our picture or not!"

Here we are outside.  Our neighbor took this photo.  It was windy and we were rather cold!

Here are my Easter toes.  First toe painting of the year.  (Yes, I do have a 5th toe just like everyone else, it's just inside my shoe and doesn't peek out of this shoe with the rest of my toes!)

What?  You're thinking "I thought she had all boys?"  The answer is "As a matter of fact, I do have all boys."  But one of them, CJ, couldn't bear not having his toenails painted last night when I did mine.  They looked lovely with his sandals today for church.  He was in the bathtub playing so long this morning that some of his nail polish started "drying up" as he called it.  I'm not sure why he has his toes all curled under, he really doesn't have toes that go in all different directions like this picture shows them.


  1. What a great looking family you guys are! I hope you had a great day. I must say that's a good shade on CJ

  2. look how cute you all are!! love the boys' shirts! they look appropriate, but cool... and that's hard to accomplish!

    your toes are rockin. i am ready for flip-flop season!

    great looking family!!

  3. Cute family! Why didn't I get a family pic today? Too late now? My toes don't look nearly as cute as yours!

  4. What a fantastic idea to tie-dye polos! And, in case they care, tie-dye is actually coming back IN!

    You all look gorgeous, as do both yours and CJ's tootsies. I love your shoes! And how many pageants have you been in to be able to hold a stunning smile like that for so long and make it look natural?!

  5. Love the hippie comment - and the toenails.

  6. First, love the shoes (naturally). And love the tie dye Easter theme! Rockin!

  7. CJ's toes look better than mine right now...I'm not sure how I feel about that. ;)

    I am digging the Tie Dye shirts!

  8. I am LOVING the tie-dyed shirts but mostly I am loving that they are tie-dyed POLO shirts. FABULOUS. I am going to have to steal that idea - we live in the world of collared shirts and khakis - these would too much fun.

  9. Oh, I'm laughing - only because I just finished painting Youngest's toes.

    "Pink's my favwit color Mama!"

    Oh how I adore my boys.

  10. Your boys are adorable. Man we love tie-dye @ our house! You remind me though that my toes are looking sad D:

    Your family photo made me miss my boys. It will be one yr. in June since we've seen them & my eldest daughter. This economy sucks!