Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Fragments

It's been a slow week in the fragments area.  Visit Mrs. 4444 for some other Friday Fragments.
  • "Grey skies are going to clear up!  Put on a happy face!"  C'mon everyone, sing along with me!  It's about damn time.
  • Last night I went out with friends to an AWESOME restaurant.  The Summit is run by the Midwest Culinary Institute.  Staff, including the sous chef, are students of the school and the menu changes seasonally.  It was delicious and I look forward to going back soon.  The menu changes next week!  For any of you locals reading this blog, you definitely need to check it out!
  • My neighbor bought a spunky little sports car.  We were outside when he pulled up in it for the first time.  He asked me if I wanted to take it for a drive and before he could change his mind, I grabbed the key and hopped in the driver's seat.  His wife hopped in the passenger seat and we put the top down.  As we pulled away MG and the neighbor were making Thelma and Louise comments.  Lorraine and I were wondering where Brad Pitt was.
  • How is it possible to NOT lose weight, or at least maintain it, when you go up and down stairs a gzillion times a day, almost always carrying something heavy - a laundry basket full of clothes, clothes on hangers, blankets and pillows and/or a child?  Not to mention the bending over and standing up to straighten up a room and pushing a vaccuum cleaner or carpet shampooer.  Why doesn't that count as an aerobic workout and strength training all at the same time?  Why doesn't my body recognize this as calorie burning?
  • I'm all for being politically correct, but when did saying Indian (as in American Indian) become a bad thing?  I told CJ to sit Indian style and he looked at me like I was crazy and said "WHAT is that?"  So I then said, "Criss cross applesauce?" and he knew what I was talking about.


  1. woooooohoooooooooo GOOD DAY SUNSHINE!

    mmmm that place sounds reat.. I wish my son would get ambitious and decide he WANTS to go to culinary school. That program looks like a great one! I'll bet the food is greatr too.

    I was thinking Thelma and louise as soon as you said his wife got in with you! Very cool he let you drive it!

    Housework IS a workout. Maybe you could try running up and down the stairs (can you do that without killing yourself? I can't)

    Hell.. EVERYTHING is politically incorrect now. Can you imagine if there was a Caucasion Pride Day... OMG the backlash.... very sad

  2. I agree about the politically correct issues. I think we've taken it a few steps too far. I'm all for it, but at times seems a tad ridiculous.
    If only our bods would consider house keeping & gardening as a through workout. It's my dream!
    That will likely happen at the same time my teen believes that I actually "do" something around here. I am a lone ranger & make a home cooked meal 5 to 6 X's a week. Where is my teen, well... not eating it! Taco Bell perhaps? Ha!
    Have a terrific weekend & put your feet up (:

  3. I've noticed the Indian thing too. I never know if it's "right" or not. I mean, what do they call THEMSELVES? Maybe we should check on that. Native American? I just want to call them what THEY want. And if they're cool with Indian, let's go with it!

  4. I'm with ya totally.
    uurrggghhh the weight loss thing.

  5. it IS about time! it was a beautiful day here, too!! looks like you ladies had a great time...

    i am assuming you had to give the car back? (since you are here posting and not frolicking on a beach with brad.

  6. That restaurant sounds cool. I was at a conference last night, and a culinary school had students walking around all night with hors deurves (sp?)...yum! I wish I'd had the never to tell one of the "waiters" that white socks with black pants and shoes is a "no-no!" (Let's hope his cooking skills are better than his fashion sense!)

  7. Great weather this weekend! You know, we should meet at Jeffersonville sometime and shop together....great excuse right?

  8. Indian has been replaced with Native American. It's much more PC. So you can say sit "Native American" style. My son is half Native American and so I've learned all of these things through the years.

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  10. Everything is getting way too PC for my taste too...

    Housework is most definitely a workout! (So is sitting criss cross applesauce!)

  11. House work is a workout. Especially when there are kids to flow behind you making a mess in the places you just cleaned up.