Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Fragments

First, thanks to Mrs. 4444 who awarded me as one of the Favorite Friday Fragmenters! She said my post last week regarding the Parmesan cheese stinkin' feet was one of her favorites! Check her out for other Friday Fragments.

  • Do any of you watch The Real Housewives? I have only seen a couple of reruns for the New York City housewives. I am wondering - are these women friends who decided to do this show together or does the show put these women together and now they are "friends" (sort of)?
  • Sous Chef cracked me up this week with a comment about Spring Break. It went something like "Spring Break, my favorite time of year. Just me, my video games, the TV, the couch, and a stay at the Great Wolf Lodge."
  • A friend of mine auditioned and was placed into a speaking role in an upcoming George Clooney movie (Up In The Air, directed by Jason Reitman). She had several different scenes she auditioned for. One was George Clooney's character (at least it would be him in the movie, don't think he was at the auditions) cutting in line in front of her at the airport and she would look at him and say "Fuck off" or "Fuck you", I can't remember which and does it really matter? I don't think so, it's George Clooney! Thankfully, I am glad she is not doing that scene because I know if it were me, we would have to do a gzillion retakes due to me saying "Fuck ME!" to George Clooney instead of what I was supposed to say.
  • Based on my Tuesday's Tribute to my favorite things, it seems most of us are amazed that we were ever able to exist without DVRs! I wonder what the next technological advancement will be that we can't "live without"?
  • There are a lot of things I like to be big, but you know one thing I really like to be big? Tips from my massage therapy clients. I like those to be really BIG!


  1. LMAO@you saying phuck me to GC!!!! OMGosh loved it!

    I think everyone knows how i feel about the real housewives...but like you i am curious how they all got picked for the show

  2. Guilty pleasures RHO(NY)(OC)(NJ)(ATL). I am sure you visit Scented Glossy Magazines blog, I enjoy reading that as much as watching the shows! It is pretty hilarious!
    It seems as though the HW's all somehow know each other prior, but then they get "forced" to have more interaction than perhaps they might otherwise! Fame/recognition/celebrity does strange things to people! If you didn't see the New Jersey preview, you have to see if there is a rerun and tivo it! 'nuf said!

  3. Keep us posted on your friend and her possible movie role!

  4. Oh, but is there still a chance she'll be doing a scene with glorious George also in the picture?!

  5. Now, if I had a rated R blog, that Fuck fragment just might make it to my Favorite list THIS week! :)

    Okay, since you brought it up, what IS a reasonable tip for a massage that, say, costs $35 for an hour at a massage school? Or $60 for an hour at someplace else? Or $45 for a hour for someone who comes to your house? Do tell!

  6. yeaaaaaaaaah I wouldn't be able to get that line right either

    Your stuff cracks me up fridays or not! You are one of my favs!!

  7. oh, i would try to get away with as many retakes as i could!

    sous chef sounds like my kind of guy!