Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Fragments

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  • I have decided over the next month or so, I am going to visit all of my followers blogs and leave at least one comment! Look for me to visit your place.
  • I am really good at multi-tasking. I think it has to do with my (self-diagnosed) ADD. The bad part is that I get so many things going at once, I move from one thing to the other and it may take a while to come back to where I started. Also, do you know how many times I move clothes from the washer to the dryer, start a new load of clothes and then walk away? Do you see what step I missed? STARTING THE DRYER. I come back when the washer dings so I can switch the clothes over only to find a dryer full of wet clothes. That sucks big time and slows me down, which I don't like.
  • If you have feet that smell like stinky parmesan cheese, please for the love of God, spray them - with Lysol, bug spray, ANYTHING - before coming to me for a massage.
  • Speaking of massages, one of my colleagues came into the breakroom carrying the sheets from his table, his face contorted in disgust, and screaming "Look at this!" to anyone who would listen, and look. Oh, how I wish I had not looked. The sheets had human skidmarks on them. It looked like the client had wiped his ass with the sheets before leaving the room. My guess is he had a dingleberry or two and when he slid off the table, he left that little trail of grossness. Gag.
  • CJ told me "You are a good mom." This is a new phrase in his line of maternal affirmations - "You're hair is pretty." "You are pretty." "I love you MORE!" "I like x" and the "x" is whatever I am wearing that day. I love this kid.
  • Thursday, I laid down on the couch and fell asleep. When I woke up, I noticed a kid at the other end sound asleep. CJ had crawled onto the couch with me, without waking me up and he fell right to sleep. I am guessing that was somewhere around 2:30 because at 2:15 I was awake and at 3:15 I woke up and he was there and looked like he had been there a while. He slept until 5:15, woke up and said "Can I have some waffles?" because he thought he had slept through the night and it was breakfast time.


  1. What an adorable child. Snuggle that one for all he's worth.

    And dingleberries?! Oh. my. god. That's just wrong. :)

  2. How nice to be told you are a good mom!
    I try to catch up with my followers but I am always afraid someone slips through the cracks.

  3. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww!! Skid marks!?!?! That is just nas-tay!

    I have also self diagnosed myself with ADD....I do that same stuff all the time!

    Isn't it just the best when your kids praise you? That is so sweet!

    Cute Eastery layout!

    Have a Happy Easter!!!

  4. Well.. you ARE a good mom!

    Leaving a comment on everybodys blog is sooooooooooooo damn hard.. I try to and I'll inevitibly miss someone

    I can't count the amount of times I have forgotten to turn on the dryer, or left the lid open on the waher in search of more stuff to cram in there

    If my husband ever comes to you for a massage, I will make sure he soaks his feet in bleach AND wipes his ass well.. thats just nasty!

    I ALWAYS think its morning when I lay down for a nap.. I'm wierd that way

  5. I usually forget to hit start on the washer - my abilities even amaze me. It's not like I have to haul the stuff to the creek and bang it on a rock!

    So funny your idea on the "followers" - I was going to start that myself. I feel like I'm neglecting my peeps.

    Happy Weekend! Em

  6. The skid mark comment wow! I almost fell of my chair and onto my glass computer desk. How funny. LOL Lesson-shower before you go for a massage and include your arse!

  7. My teen spawn told me yesterday I was a crazy mom and do I EVEN know how to be normal for one second.

  8. from one ADD mommy to another I do that all the time with the washer and dryer

  9. That massage sheet story is just wrong on so many levels!

  10. so sweet. i love it when they take naps and sleep so hard they think it is morning.

    maybe you should wear a gas mask when giving massages!

  11. Naps-A game the whole family can play :)

    That skidmark thing-DISGUSTING! Will he have to ever see that client again? So, so gross.

    That comment about the stinky feet; sorry you had to write that. Nasty. Saving that one for an upcoming post (so many Favorites this week!) Thanks for playing along :)

  12. I am not sure I can handle a post where my mind jumps from "Awww what an amazing little kid you got there" to "EWWWWWWWW - skidmarks and dingleberries!"

    You have outdone yourself with this Friday Fragments...


  13. Hon, I'm from Texas, and I pride myself on a big sense of humor. You are one heck of a funny gal. I shall be visiting often so I can look forward to the laughter you evoke. I will have to thank Ms Half-Past Kissin' Time for the "introduction."