Thursday, April 9, 2009


I really like to have people over to my house for whatever reasons.  I try to host something at least once a month, but often more than that.  It might be something simple like book club or a small dinner or it might be something big, like a Holiday Party.  I know many people who don't like to entertain.  They think their house isn't big enough or not decorated nice enough or they can't cook or their house is perfect and they don't want anyone to mess it up.  Well, my house is not huge, it certainly has not been decorated by a professional nor is it anywhere near perfect.  And anyone who would turn their nose up to any of that is welcome to leave at any time.  I can cook, but don't always do it.  (Example, last night at book club, everything I had was bought at the store - desserts, dips, etc.  I did put them out on pretty plates, though!) 

You may be thinking I like to entertain just because I am social.  That is part of it.  But I will let you in on a little secret.  Don't tell anyone.  I entertain at my house because it FORCES ME TO CLEAN.  There, I said it for the whole world to know.  I hate to clean.  I love a clean house.  But often, as in the last few weeks since this event, I haven't cleaned. I've picked up a little here and there.  I've loaded and unloaded the dishwasher.  I've done laundry.  But things were starting to clutter, crumbs were building up in the carpet and hiding out in the tile grout, not to mention the little splashes and spills lingering on the tile.  And the toilet.  Well, I won't even go there.  There is nothing worse than a dirty bathroom!

I hosted book club last night so I cleaned.  I vaccumed, dusted, cleaned the bathroom, mopped, cleaned up the clutter and threw out most of it.  (Why do I even let it pile up?  Am I really going to need that shit?  Apparently not, because after it sits there for a while, it all goes in the trash, where it should have gone to start with!)  Now my house is clean. And for the next few days, I will be motivated to keep it that way.  I will enjoy every minute of walking into my house, into a room, that is clean, straightened and I can see the vacuum marks in the rug.  And then the weekend will come, Spring Break will start, and all hell will break loose.  I will be back where I started until I host another get together at my house.  I better get that on the calendar right now so I can guarantee my house will get cleaned later this month...


  1. I am so with you sister! Having guests forces me not only to get my house in order, but do new things (or fix things!) I've been meaning to do, like, for-ev-uh!

  2. It certainly is a great way to improve mess-vision. I get to where I can really look past a LOT until I know people are coming over.

    I really like to entertain too. I get all excited and plan something and then I slip into a full-blown panic about two days before. I cannot cook and talk at the same time. So I panic, and clean, and panic, and cook, and panic, and buy too much at the store. But then once the guests start to arrive, I have this incredible sense of calm. Like I've done all I can do and now I'm just gonna enjoy myself. It all works out. And I love it!

    Enjoy your freshly cleaned house!

  3. You're so funny! You are exactly like me - it forces me to clean. If I know someone is coming over, I am totally dusting every little nook and cranny from top to bottom, and my ceilings are HIGH! lol...But my condo is small. I sometimes wish I could convert the high ceiling space for more square footage in this apartment. Ah well, that's New York living fer ya'! :)

    But I also love to entertain at my own place. It's a beautiful thing!

  4. Well..I gotta say, I now know I am not alone. I always tell myself."Yup going to keep it this way". That lasts like, 3 day's tops.
    I love to entertain too, but my family says it drives me into temporary insanity!

    Love your music too..good stuff.
    What kind of motorcyle(s) does your husband ride? Sorry for being snoopy!

  5. LOL...girl you are so funny! we are very much alike with the whole clean house/cleaning issue

  6. I'm good about doing the regular everyday chores but you should see my desk! On second thought, wait till I declutter THEN you can see it!

  7. I think that a gathering is fantastic motivation. I've been contemplating it for awhile now, and the dust bunnies leap and frolick across the floor.

  8. This is one of the reasons why I love watching my friends daughter part time. I know she is coming to my house regualarly so it forces me to keep things tidy.

    I think that my house is ready for a really good clean so maybe I will have to organize a get together soon. ;)

  9. I need to be cleaning my house now, but I'm going through blogs instead. I want to get it done tonight so I can enjoy my day off tomorrow and do nothing but read or read some more. If I could just find a way to get the place to stay clean for more than five hours after toiling away, I'd market it!