Wednesday, April 8, 2009

E & C people

Growing up, there were those families/people who were E & C people - Easter and Christmas church goers.  You know your church has them, too!  Recently, I thought I was going to have to confess to being an E & C church goer.  But I realized I can't even confess to that.  Since moving back to Ohio, we have officially become E church goers.  Yep.  Shame on us.  We didn't event attend church during the advent season OR on Christmas.  That leaves us as Easter church goers.  That was the last time we were at church - last Easter.  I would like to do better, but I am having a hard time of it.  I LOVED our church in Kansas.  The pastor was awesome, we knew people there, the kids had friends in Sunday School that they went to elementary school with, it was a six minute drive.  We sat with the same people each week and I loved hearing her voice.  I often just mouthed the words so I could listen to her sing.

Now we are back in Ohio and officially members of the church we left when we moved to KS.  It's a nice church and I do know people there.  Many from before we left, some are good friends from my old neighborhood.  I still chat with them, but not at or about church.  I need to get over comparing our current church to our KS church, but I can't.  I sit there and think "oh, I liked the way we did it at Holy Cross much better" or "this is nothing compared to the music at Holy Cross" or "our pastor at Holy Cross rocked.  This one, not so much."  I won't go into all of the details about my husband and his views on church, but I can say, he actually liked listening to our pastor in KS.  Our pastor here?  Eh.  Let's just say he doesn't motivate us to get up early on a Sunday morning and get prettied up and load three kids into the car on a cold Sunday morning. 

And now that I have said all that, I also need to admit I haven't given this church much of a chance.  I am still mourning the loss of Holy Cross.  So this Easter, we will attend church.  And I hope my husband and I can start making it a Sunday tradition again.  I want my kids to be there.  I want them to know the Bible and the history and the lessons.  If we can't get back into the swing of it this year, though, in the fall my oldest will start Confirmation Classes and then we will be forced to be involved.  I hope it doesn't take that, though, to get us back into the swing of going to church.


  1. I hope we can start going to church too, not for us sinner but for our kids! :)

  2. I think those are very valid reasons to get back on the horse. Or donkey. Whatever. :)

  3. You are not alone in this. I too, had a great experience at a church and then it ended and the new church was "a let down." It is like experiencing a death and dating again. You can't help but compare. Maybe you need to "Church shop" because some people grow beyond what they once had and as the saying goes...sometimes you just can't go back.