Thursday, April 16, 2009

And the fun starts with a missing shoe...

My kids are on Spring Break this week. We didn't go anywhere because I couldn't convince my three boys that the warm sunny beaches of Florida were more fun than ... wait for it ... the Great Wolf Lodge. If you are not familiar with the Great Wolf Lodge, you are probably familiar with the same concept of a different name; AKA indoor waterpark with an overpriced hotel room. This is our third year going to the GWL for a spring break visit. The fiirst time we went was when we lived in KS. Now we live within ten minutes of a GWL and we pay several hundred dollars to stay one night, and swim and eat for two days just TEN MINUTES FROM HOME! We were joined by two sets of neighbors and their kids, so you know a good time was had by all!

This year we spent the few extra bucks for a separate sleeping area for all three boys. In the past, CJ would sleep with us, and the older two in their area, but this year we thought he would enjoy being with the big boys. Ha! He layed in his sleeping area for about ten minutes, watching TV with the big bros and then appeared next to my side of the bed and said "Can I sleep with you?" "Why?" was my response. "Because I want to sleep close to you." So I made him a bed on the couch. He's so cute.

Oh, and about that missing shoe. I needed to exchange a pair of swimtrunks for CJ, so we did it on the way to GWL. I had him change in the parking lot by the van and then we were off to the hotel. We start piling out of the van and all of a sudden we hear "Where's my other shoe?" What? Other shoe? Isn't it on your foot? I often wondered how one loses ONE shoe. You know, when you see one shoe on the side of the road. Didn't the shoe owner notice it go flying out of the window? Didn't they notice they were wearing ONLY ONE SHOE? Apparently it's not a big deal, because when I got back to the parking lot of the mall, there was CJ's ONE shoe right where he left it. Back to the hotel and we were good to go.

There are so many things to learn at a place like this. I am reminded that while I do not have the body of a stealth athlete, I do look better than the majority of women who are at GWL, many who are a good 10-15 years younger than I am. My husband is reminded that he does not ever want to achieve man boobs. I am reminded that some people should use that several hundred dollars they just spent on a hotel room, indoor swim park and meals and instead buy themselves a set of teeth.

This year, immediately after walking into the indoor water park, I felt like I was suffocating. I am not sure if it was the smell of chlorine or that my swimsuit is a little tighter than last year and it was doing a great imitation of a boa constrictor and squeezing my ribcage so tight that my lungs were collapsing. Either way, I survived and it felt good to get out into the air, sans swimsuit.

Here are some photos from our GWL adventure. We took our pocket sized camera instead of my awesome new camera. It's just pictures of the kids. If you want to see the waterpark, click on the Great Wolf Lodge link in my first paragraph.

Apparently Sous Chef didn't hear me say "smile!" I promise, he really did have a blast!

CJ on the lily pads.

Within five minutes of walking in the door this afternoon, Big E got a message that a friend of his is going to GWL and wanted to know if Big E could go, too. So he gets another trip to GWL before Spring Break is over.


  1. Its a shame you have to spend all that money to stay 10 minutes from home! I could have shown you a great time here! Oh well! The boys had fun and that's all that matters

  2. You are a brave woman, I am not a big fan of water. Let alone a whole indoor water park hotel combo. It sounds like you guys had fun though. Man I wish I could still have Spring Break!

  3. Okay, give us the lowdown. Are those places really fun for the parents? I MUST know this info prior to ever setting foot in one with my non-existent-yet kiddies.

  4. oh yes, the great wolf lodge. there is one a couple of hours away from here. i've never been because i think i would just be in hell. it does look pretty entertaining for the boys. you'll get your beach time soon enough!

  5. You guys look like you had a blast (except for Sous Chef ;-)

    We have one up the street.

    One of the main reasons I continuely put off registering Oldest for swimming lessons.

    Bad Mama! Bad. Mama.

  6. Your splashes of family life look so lovely and peaceful, Jo - Full of fun and games - The photos, the toe-nail polish on your son, your beautiful feet, the ice cream - I think your family could well be a holiday destination for me!

    Take care, have a great weekend!