Monday, March 16, 2009


Before I get started on my post, the Slumber Party '09 was a success.  There ended up being 19 women, ten stayed all night.  One who planned to stay all night ended up just coming for the evening and one who had not planned to stay all night ... well, the whiskey sours and margaritas started flowing and there was no way she was going to be able to drive home!  Unfortunately, the fun we had meant none of us thought about taking pictures!  And I can confirm what I have always known - 4 hours of sleep is NOT enough for this 40 something chick!

So on with my post.  Things are pretty dull here in the Under the Influence world, so I thought I would give a brief rundown on some of the searches that are leading people to my blog.  I haven't done this in a while, so here it goes.

1.  The number one search leading people here?  under the influence mg.  I am not sure what would cause a person to search under that title, but there it is.  Since Jan. 1, that search has brought someone to my sight 43 times.  If you are that person or if there is more than one of you, I'd love to hear what you were originally seraching for.  Or did you hear about my hubs, MG, and were searching for him and this blog?  Hhhhhmmm...  Give me shout out.  I am curious.

2.  Dew Mouth.  I think these words were left in my comment section by Tanna Banana.  Seems there is some interest out there about this dental phenomenon.

3. "a pulse and facial hair" bob susan.  I don't know about this, it sounds like it could be a little naughty...

4.  barry manilow's secret wife.   What?  He has a secret wife?  Is it a man?

5.  creamed milfs.  I think I put that one with #4 - NAUGHTY.

I do enjoy seeing what kind of searches take place.  What are some odd ones that have led people to your blogs?


  1. i bet you are just so proud

  2. These things tickle me every time. I always get people looking for Umbros, and sometimes pants for their pets. Today was "awkward galley kitchen." Go figure.

  3. I can't imagine who on earth would want to know anything about a secret wife of Barry Manilow's. Still, it could be worse, the search term could be "Wilford Brimley's secret wife".

  4. wouldn't that be Barry Manilow's life partner?

    Okay, because I'm just this dense, (JOCO housewife you know...) can you tell me how I can determine the answer to your question? I'd kinda love to know! that and how to do the crossover typing thing. They both continue to elude me. =)

  5. totally despise barry manilow. total creepster.