Monday, March 2, 2009

Kiss me, I'm Irish!

Congratulations to Suburbia Steph who won the "what's the theme" for the music.  All the bands you are listening to this month are from Ireland.

Deb at Dirty Socks & Pizza also got the answer.

Several others made good guesses with spring, summer, sun and warmth.

Thanks for playing!  Stop by and visit Steph...


  1. Thanks, girl! Me quarter Irish eyes are smilin'!! Now where's my beer? You know how us Irish can be with our tempers and all....It must be at the end of the rainbow with me pot o' gold & me lucky leprechaun!

    :) Steph

  2. oh good, i am glad she got it... and cute comment. thanks for the shout out!!! you really are serious about putting our plan into action, aren't you? ; )

    can i just tell you, there used to be a day when i swore i would never:
    1) type lol
    2) type a sideways smiley
    3) type a WINKING sideways smiley

    but i have to say, i have found their existence useful and sometimes even appropriate! have i just completely lost my soul to blogging? is that the last sign?

  3. wait, did I forget to play? Dammit, I'm always late

  4. I have no Irish in me, I'm all Russian... but I can throw down like the Irish!

  5. Jo, dahling ~ I have a Friends Award waiting for you...