Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Fragments

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  • Let me start by saying HAPPY SPRING!  I have been waiting not so patiently for winter to be over and now it finally is.
  • This morning, I bought tickets to see Coldplay!  Again.  (Notice the music changed?)
  • Check out the new MTV reality show "Taking the Stage."  This show is being filmed at the School for the Creative and Performing Arts here in my lovely SW Ohio metropolis.  Nick Lachey, who graduated from the SCPA, (so did Sarah Jessica Parker) is leading this project.  This school also recently experienced the loss of one of their students after she was murdered over a week ago.  I touched on that in last week's Friday Fragments (last bullet).  I used to live within walking distance of the SCPA.  It's the inner city and I LOVED every minute of living there.  I am convinced the burbs were never really meant for me.  If interested, read more HERE.
  • When is the fog going to lift.  Like so many others, I'm finding it hard to find interesting or insightful things to blog about.  You know what else?  I am experiencing the same thing with meals.  I can't come up with a decent lunch or dinner idea.  All of my recipes seem so BLAH!
  • No one will be able to blame the recession on my family!  I have done my share of shopping recently - from clothes to hair appliances and products to bar stools - and this week we paid a college student to paint the kids' bedrooms.  Three rooms in less than a week.  Yipppeeeee!
  • I did something I have NEVER done before.  With my new red hair, my almost black eyebrows were just standing out too much.  So off I went to Walgreen's to by some facial hair bleach.  Yep, I did it.  I bleached my eyebrows.  I saw this on What Not to Wear.  You just leave the bleach on for a few minutes, not the full amount of time needed to bleach hair white.  I have to say, it worked perfectly.  My eyebrows are now a dark brown shade and look much better with the new haircolor.
  • Here's the recipe for the Kentucky Spoon Bread a few of you asked me about.
    Kentucky Spoon Bread
    1 stick butter
    1 8 oz. creamed corn
    1 8 oz. whole kernel corn, drained
    1 pkg. Jiffy Corn Bread mix
    1 cup sour cream
    2 eggs, lightly beaten
    Melt butter and combine with Jiffy mix, corns, sour cream and eggs. Pour into butter casserole dish. Bake at 350 until done in the center, about 30-40 minutes.

    Another version that has a little kick:
    Festive Scalloped Corn
    1/3 cup chopped green onions
    3 eggs
    1 15 oz. can creamed corn
    1 11 oz. can corn with red and green peppers (mexicorn)
    1 8.5 oz package corn muffin mix (jiffy brand size)
    1 cup sour cream
    2 Tbsp butter or margerine, melted
    1/8 tsp ground red pepper
    Preheat oven to 375. Spray a casserole or baking dish with cooking spray. It is not quite enough to fill a 9X13, so go a bit smaller. It calls for the pampered chef oval baker, but I use a pyrex 2.5 Qt. oval casserole dish. Wisk eggs and add chopped green onions and remaining ingredients. Mix until well blended. Bake 35 -40 minutes until the edges are golden brown. Yield - 10 servings.
  • ENJOY!  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I'm in that fog too. Blech. Plus, I got the kids' crud, so I don't feel like working hard to fix it either.

    Aren't I just a ray of sunshine today?

  2. I'm totally impressed over the bleaching thing!! But where is the picture?!

    Happy Spring to you as well! E

  3. We watched "Taking the Stage" last night for the first time and we LOVED it. Actually, we loved it so much we added it to our recordings on the DVR!

  4. I've had similar corn recipes and they are so good!

  5. i would love to go to a coldplay concert. i bet they put on a good show. and i don't know if i would ever be brave enough to dye my own eyebrows. i would be so afraid of the color they would end up being =)

    have a good weekend.

  6. Yeah, where are the before and after eyebrow pics-What were you thinking!? That's awesome.

    Paying college kids to paint--excellent idea!

    Finally, I recommend you click on my Mrs.4444 Cooks link--there is a killer chicken spaghetti recipe (and several others) complete with pics and commentary. Maybe something there will inspire you :)

  7. You're brave. Or crazy. LOL I have to darken my eyebrows...they are so blonde they disappear off my face especially in the summer.

  8. Coldplay is, shockingly, coming to where I live and I was so astounded that I immediately dropped everything to see if I could manage ticket prices when they go on sale! Of course, I also want to see U2, so who knows how I'll fare. I perhaps need to do what you've successfully pulled off and go through my world to see what I can sell on Craigslist!

  9. Ack! I saw this What Not To Wear Episode and was FASCINATED. You rock.