Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Fragments

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  • Don't forget to check out the Legs for Lyman video and see how you can help CF stand for Cure Found!
  • One night this week I asked CJ what he wanted for dinner. He said, "Oh, the usual," as if he was bellying up to the bar and responding to his favorite bartender. I think I have a clear vision of his future college days.
  • I ate an entire casserole dish of Kentucky Spoon Bread. This is basically a corn casserole of sorts with all the good stuff - creamed corn, kernal corn, cornbread, eggs, sour cream and a stick of butter. I am guessing this does nothing for losing the extra I can just feel the fat clinging to my face and thighs as I type. The dish made 4-6 servings and over the course of three days, I ate the entire thing.
  • Navy blue pants, no matter how cute or trendy they are, always end up looking like some weird uniform pant or like I am about to go sailing off somewhere on the East Coast.
  • I'm fed up. And it seems everyone else I know or come in contact with is, too! So if the majority of the people are tired of hearing about it, why is the press and people like Dr. Phil still talking to and about Octopussy? Who are the idiots (sorry if I just offended any of you bloggers!) who are still following this lame ass story? She made a stupid and selfish decision that has resulted in putting 14 precious lives at risk, puts stress on our already stressed out social services and public aid systems and takes money from the budget of those systems when there are others much more in need who are making good decisions but are struggling some at the moment. Blabbering about her selfish stupidity all over the television is a waste of time and only allows her to benefit from the situtation she created. Someone needs to take charge of her finances and daily operations to make sure those kids are taken care of and she does not abuse any of the money she receives, whether it be public aid or private donations, and let her fend for herself. No more nose jobs, lip plumping or IVFs. And while I am on my tirade, same goes to any other parent/would-be-parent who is planning on, or maybe not planning but sleeping with baby daddy #5, having more children when you can't take care of the ones you already have!
  • I am not a proponent of the death penalty, but there are people in this society that have most definitely lost the privilege of and the right to a life on this earth. There are some who should be taken out of this world in the same manner they have chosen to take out others. If you are so inclined, for more details, read here. (EM, prepare to go under your rock never to resurface. I personally am in the corner in a fetal position sucking my thumb and rocking back and forth.)


  1. I stumbled across the Gosselin family (Jon & Kate plus 8) and immediately thought of Octopussy. She was/is hoping for a sweet deal like them....and I certainly hope we will never see that happen!

  2. I have NO argument with any of this! Especially Octopussy. I flip the channel the minute I hear her name. (I still feel sorry for her children though...)

  3. I could easily imagine myself having a love affair with Kentucky Spoon Bread...

  4. Navy blue pants! Ahahahaaa! You're so right.

    I am completely with you on the eating things in large quantities deal. It's horrifying but kind of exciting at the same time.

    And as for the last point, I'm just disgusted. I agree with you completely, and I'm also SO inclined to be pissed at our punitive system in the U.S. Just because you punish someone doesn't mean they're REHABILITATED. "Do the crime, serve the time" doesn't fix anything. They're still the same person when they're released if there hasn't been any sort of intervention.

  5. I have not posted about Octomom. Was planning to, and now I think I should re-think. Maybe. Maybe.

  6. I know exactly what you mean about navy pants. Why does it have to be that way?

  7. Oh Jo - those stories make me weep for the families. I can't imagine having to live not only with your child gone, but with the thoughts of how their last minutes on Earth must have been. As a mom, not being able to be there to hold, comfort, protect your child. Take the abuse for them.

    That, I could not live with.

    Move over sister, I'm coming in...

  8. That Octomom drives me crazy too! Did you see that house she just got? HUGE!!!! Totally doesn't deserve it. Totally!

  9. I don't think I can click the link - I'm scared! And I am so over that birthing lunatic.

  10. I can just picture a little boy up at the bar "I'll have the usual" Only to be served Kool aid and Mac n cheese.. he is too cute!

    I hope you had on your bullet proof thongs on after eating all that corn

    I'm with ya on the navy blue pants.. what else goes with them.. white.. red>...then you end up looking like a flag

    Octopussy can kiss my ass.

    OMG that story was horrible I couldn't read all of it. He should have honey spread all over his body and put in a big ass fire ant nest

  11. I completely agree with you on the Octo-Mom. Seriously, what was she thinking???


  12. I really want the recipe for that Kentucky Corn Bread!!

  13. No kidding! I think Dr.Phil has had like five shows devoted to that freak. Enough already!
    Spoon bread, huh? Sounds YUMMY!!!

  14. I LOATHE Dr. Phil. He's not even a real doctor.

    I love that tidbit about your son and the usual! Too, too funny! :)