Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Fragments

Oddly enough, I am not sure I can come up with many fragments this week because, well, I don't seem to have any THOUGHTS, coherent or incoherent, this week!  I bet if you check out Mrs. 4444's FF site, you will find more thoughtful Friday Fragments!

CJ has said some funny things this week, including:
  • Are you going to park where that car is parking out? (There was a car pulling out of a parking spot that I was waiting to pull into.)
  • I know what kind of turtle doesn't swim. A box turtle. (Then we had a long discussion about how he knew this. Thanks, preschool!)
  • I would never pull your hair because your hair is too pretty to pull. (I love this kid!)
  • I love you more than the number of houses in the whole world! (Did I mention I love this kid?)
I sent both of my boys to school in shorts today.  It was almost 60 degrees at 7:00AM and dammit, I'm pretty sure if I keep dressing them for spring, I will force spring upon us!

I am enjoying Facebook.  Just this morning I was reconnected with a college roommate.  Thanks to Big E asking about break-ins and robberies, I shared my story of my college house being broken into and how my roommate, a guy, chased the robber out of the house and down the street.  I slept through the entire thing, including the boogey-man pilfering through my bedroom while I lay passed out soundly sleeping.  Big E wanted to know where that roommate is now and I told him I would look the guy up on FB.  I did and I found him!  My roomie wanted to know if I shared the passed out part with Big E.  No, I did not, but when he is much older, I will be happy to recount that part of the story.

Thanks for visiting.  This may be the most boring FF ever!


  1. CJ loves you! How adorable is he?! And I love that you sent them to school in shorts, hoping to alter the state of the universe. And I never thought I'd say this, but FB is a godsend.

  2. Oldest went to school in shorts today as well. Thank goodness Spring has sprung - his pants were getting too short!!

    Happy Friday! Em

  3. It's been one of those weeks. At least you have a post up- you're doing better than me! Happy Friday!

  4. Nothing like a smile for Friday! Thanks!

  5. I love, love, love preschool-age conversations, and I definitely love the hint of spring in the air. My oldest attempted to go to school in shorts yesterday, but it was only 40 degrees at the time. At the end of the day, when it had hit 71, he rushed inside without a word and ran upstairs to get those discarded shorts! Here's hoping the weather holds out!

  6. I'm trying to hold back the sobbing...shorts??? Really????

  7. I can't believe you slept through a robbery. How is that even possible?

  8. 60 degrees and shorts? Seriously? I definately wait until at least 70 in the mornings, and to hit at least 80 in the afternoons, to pull out the shorts!

  9. What a sweet thing for your little one to say.
    I'm still at 30 degrees and snowjackets over here. Don't make me jealous!

  10. WE slept through a burglary in our garage one summer (had I opened my eyes, I might have seen them enter. I'm glad we didn't wake up!

    The beauty of FF is that even the smallest fragments (like cute things your little guy says) are perfect. I love that age :)

    We had a heat wave, too, today--42 degrees! I did not wear a coat! :)