Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Bachelor

I am almost embarrassed to admit, I watch this show on a regular basis.  It causes a lot of eye rolling from my husband.  I don't know what about it sucks me in, but it does.  It's like a train wreck.  Maybe it's because I know I could never be on this show as one of the 25 girls.  The fact that I have called them "girls" explains why I couldn't be in that group of 25, not even when I was in the correct "age range" for the show.  They are almost always in their early to mid 20's.  They are all giggly, squealy, whiney types.  The exact type of person who grinds on my last nerve if I have to spend too much time with them.  Really, when you were dating, how often did you go running to your date/boyfriend, wrap your legs around his waist and squeal and yell like he just came home from a war?  Give me a break.  Add to it the fakeness of those girls and I am at a loss for what drags me in.  It's these type of people who make me want to run screaming from a room.

With all of that said, I think I COULD be the Bachelorette.  Twenty-five men fighting for my affections.  Oh yeah.

But on to the real reason for my post.  With the exception of once or twice in the distant past, I have not blogged about this show.  A few blogs I follow do blog about it and I cannot even compete with their highly entertaining posts recapping each week.  However, with the recent turn of events on this show, there are a lot of unhappy people who will be boycotting in the future.  Here is my two cents:

When I first read the spoilers for the show, I thought I would probably give up watching in the future, too.  How could they be so cruel?  But then I thought about it and realized, every week, girls get broken up with in front of millions of people and go home "heartbroken" because "we had a connection."  That one gets me every time!  They go home in that limousine crying and saying things like "I'm going to go home and get my electric toothbrush and French kiss my dog."  Gee, and that bimbo wonders why she got sent home.  So the fact that Jason broke up with Melissa on television just goes along with the theme of the show.  Although after reading the spoilers, I did comment from the beginning to my bloggy friend's, this finale was going to be a little too Jerry Springer for me.

The spoilers also revealed that this was all planned by ABC and contractually, Jason was required to handle it this way.  Not sure why, since none of the other breakups have been on television, but my guess is because those other breakups took place AFTER the Final Rose shows, not before/during.  At first I thought "Shame on them."

After watching the Final Rose shows, I have surmised that the entire thing was planned and scripted.  They all sounded like they were talking from a script and my, what bad actors they are.  The emotions were not nearly as heated as they would have been had this not been planned.  Baby Molly was the only one who I thought even remotely "acted" her part well.  They all knew what was going on, they all planned it and no one was nearly as unhappy as they TRIED to make them seem.

My other final thought is, IF this was actually the way it really went down, when you go on a show like this, you need to expect to be embarrassed, hurt and humiliated.  Your reputation, good or bad, will never be the same.  The shows first priority is NOT to match make, but to make ratings and money.  And anyone who goes into it expecting anything but that should not be there.  (And again, I don't think hurt and humiliation is what happened here.  I think we were watching a show that was no different than any other fictional drama.  It was Jerry Springer all the way, just as I thought it would be.  Drama that is scripted and planned in an attempt to make it LOOK real.)

So, I will admit.  I will be back next season to watch Jillian (yay, Jillian!) meet the love of her life.  Or if not, to at least get some good ratings for ABC.


  1. I'm one of those who won't be watching again, not even for Jillian. I also think the entire fiasco was scripted, not to mention poorly acted. I expect some measure of scripting and re-shooting in "reality" TV, but that was just over the top and completely unnecessary.

    On a bonus note, I have an extra hour free on Mondays next season. Perhaps I'll accomplish something productive.

  2. It felt scripted to me also...I am still trying to sort it all out in my brain!

  3. I don't know, Jo. The Final Rose show was teetering in 'Rock of Love' territory. But when you think about it, what woman (or man) in his right mind would date, French kiss, and wrap their loins around the same man/woman as 25 others in a competition? It's called self respect, people. These contestants have none, so it's hard to feel too bad for them...I guess.

  4. I think it's times like these that I am glad I do not have television access at my house! Either because I would be glued to it, or because I would be pissed at it! I have heard about this controversy, and I never thought of it from your perspective--excellent point!

  5. I'm not totally convinced the whole thing was scripted, but it might have been. I think at the very least, ABC tried to manipulate the whole thing to their ratings advantage. I think it backfired on them, for what it's worth. I have watched several seasons, and would watch again. Hope springs eternal, and it's entertaining. I always think/hope the bachelorettes might show a little more class -more than the men - so maybe Jillian will be a breath of fresh air!

  6. I'm all for train wrecks! I just can't seem to look away! At least for a moment, I feel better about my own life.

    As I said before, I think the biggest shocker is that no one got mono....or crabs.

  7. you make a really good point about the whole finding love on tv thing. surely none of those girls thought for a second that ABC had their best interests at heart throughout the filming. i am sure i will get sucked in again, like i do every season.

    as an aside, i am laughing about you being a spoilers girl. i am wondering if i have run across you before on some message board, searching for clues.

  8. I am undecided if I will watch Jillian, I probably will only because I like the little stab she took at Jason and to hear her speak with her funny pronunciations.