Thursday, February 12, 2009

You asked for it ... price of beauty update.

There were lots of requests for pictures so here they are.  Before you go on though, let me say that hair dryer was worth every penny.  I blew my hair dry today in ten minutes and did NOT need a flat iron to smooth out anything after blowing it dry.  Some Sebastian styling hair stuff (on wet hair), a hairdryer, a round brush, a paddle brush and some Graham Webb Styling Paste (on dry hair) was all it took.  This may not seem like a big deal to you and you may be thinking, "Yeah, right.  Any ol' hair dryer will do."  I am telling you, prior to this hair dryer, my hair looked like this when I was done blowing it dry:

Ok, my hair isn't blonde, but you get the idea.

Today, it looked like this after blowing it dry (That's CJ.  He wanted his picture taken, too!):
Big E took this picture and our camera is sucky if you aren't in really good light  You can't even tell the wall is chocolate brown!  (The white above my head is chair railing.)  But you can see my hair is NOT frizzy, puffy or big (unfortunately, I can't say the same about my face!).  All without a flat iron.

Here are my products that I purchased. This is what $165 (including tax) can get you at Ulta!  The hairdryer is an Ultra Chi by Chi.  It's currently on sale for $129.95.  I also use a Chi flat iron (although now that I have this awesome hair dryer, I will be using it a lot less!) and would not use any other flat iron on my hair.  I love it so much, I actually have two of them!  It is also a little pricey ($150 or so), but as I discovered from trying some lower end flat irons, just like with the hair dryer, buying a high quality one does make a difference!

Oops, I forgot to rotate the picture.  Sorry.
So their you have it.  The price of ATTEMPTING beauty defined in pictures.


  1. Holy freakin' cow. All that WITHOUT a flat iron? Either you are a genius at hair styling, or that is a kickbutt blow dryer! (I'm guessing both, of course!)

  2. You look FABULOUS!! I was laughing at my hairdresser the other day - she told me not to bother with the cheap flat irons - "$60 is not going to get you a good one."

    I almost choked when she said "cheap" and "not $60" in the same sentence.

    Beauty comes with a price. Grr.

  3. i am in LOVE! first, that lipstick looks awesome on you. i know it probably is hard to see the actual color, but the way it looks on you is amazing... and, unlike i would, you don't have any on your teeth!

    okay, you definitely made a good case for the dryer. i will say that i finally caved and bought a boar bristle brush, and my hair looks shiny after i use it (just like they said it would!).

    beauteous, my dear!

  4. My hairdresser said to forget the flat iron, too. What a pricey hairdryer, but you do look great!

  5. Kim - you look AWESOME! Truly - you look so together I'm feeling kinda shitty just lookin' at you! I think the last time I looked that put together was on my wedding day! :-}

    I'm inspired...

  6. You look amazing, and you're full of shit about the "puffy face". Just sayin' :)

  7. Suh-weet! I don't get why Chi has like 30 different irons and at different prices....I don't know what the difference is. Same for their hair dryers too....hmmmm...but yes, these professional grade ones are SO worth the extra dough! Just think of all the time you're saving .... that's worth something! :)

  8. WOW! Well I say it was money well spent. I love the lipstick

  9. You are très belle. So is your hair. You've motivated me to buy a pro dryer too.

  10. Your hair looks great! I enjoyed this funny post. Thanks :)

  11. WOW, You are totally selling me on the hairdryer. I usually let my hair air dry because it takes like a hour to blow dry and then my arm gets all tired and it is still a frizzy mess. Hmmmmmm You look damn good! Me thinks I may NEED a new blow dryer!