Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weighing my options

I am not an indecisive person. I can easily choose "white or wheat?" and "sweet or unsweet?" I generally know what I want and how to get it, not that I am always ABLE to get it, but I know HOW to get it if I were able. Got it? Good.

So there was a 20% coupon for Ulta, where I got my hair dryer. I decided I would go back and buy the same hair dryer I had and then return it with the old receipt at the higher price, effectively meaning I bought it at the lower price. Got it? Good. The coupon clearly said I couldn't use it on previous purchases, so I decided I would outwit them. I'm sly that way.

Once I got there, I saw they had another Chi dryer with the same features as mine, but a different color and different "style" name. I asked the stylist about it and we ended up in a huge discussion about hair dryers. Then she tells me she doesn't like the Chi dryers because they only have one heat setting - H-O-T and it could burn someone's hair. That clearly explained why my hair was smoking the other day. Yes, it really was. I just thought it was that I had put some product on and then touched up an area with the dryer and the product was smoking, but indeed, I believe now it was my actual hair. Not to mention the couple of times I have been using the round brush and the air blew a little too long on my neck. OUCH! Unlike my hairstylist, I am not able to whip the brush and dryer around quite in the same manner as she is to keep the dryer moving and not burning. So I debated and read and looked at boxes and picked up and turned on a variety of dryers. CJ was runing around trying out all the different hair brushes asking me and anyone around "how's my hair-do?" I finally decided on one. This one is by Wigo and it has a high heat and a low heat setting, two speed settings and a cool shot (which the Chi also had). I have only used it this morning and I really like it. There was no smoking hair, so that's good, right? I used it on the high speed/low heat and it worked really well and there is no not as much frizz as with my drugstore hairdryer. It also is quite a bit lighter. You can turn the ions on, for smoother hair, or off for more body, which I.DO.NOT.NEED. This hairdryer was only $100.00, was on sale for $80 and I had my 20% off coupon. I can't find my camera or I would take a picture.  I think I will be taking back the Chi.

I forgot to warn my husband I went to Ulta. I had the hairdryer sitting on the stairs to be carried up to our bathroom. I heard him walking that way and then I heard him stop. The conversation went like this:

MG: "You bought ANOTHER hairdryer?"
Me: "Oh yeah, I meant to tell you before you saw it sitting there."
Me: "The other one makes my hair smoke and I thought that might be bad. And this one was cheaper and I had a 20% off coupon. I'm taking the other one back."
MG: Smile. I am fairly sure he will never know what to think about my eternal quest for beauty.


  1. If I forget to hide my purchases, I will make up a coupon and a sale just to shut my husband up. Reading this, I could smell burning hair- that smell sticks with you- I've had that happen many times!

  2. You do know that I'm expecting you to try out ALL hair products from now on, just so I'll know what to get for my own hair, right?!

  3. I remember the days of the $20 hairdryer...sigh..

    My husband had a stroke last time I purchased a hairdryer too:)

  4. i think i may need to see a photo of your hair after using this new dryer. i really liked it after you used the chi, smoking hair and all.

  5. You are nothing short of a hair dryer genius! And yes, I called you a genius again. You're brilliant when it comes to economic reform and hair dryers.


    Now I need to wonder why I don't even USE a hair dryer?? Is something wrong with me??

  6. I did do a double take this week when the Ulta ad came because I remembered your post about your dryer. I may head in there. Surely they is something I NEED. I have never been into Ulta before.

  7. Me thinks somebody has a hair dryer addiction and is under the influence of hot air :)

  8. I think you're right. he won't.

    (Love your "new" math.)