Friday, February 13, 2009

Remember way back when...

Deb at Dirty Socks & Pizza is doing a First Post Friday where everyone lists their first post so readers can see where you are coming from.  I debated whether or not to participate because I didn't want to embarrass myself, but then decided, what the hell.  Lord knows, I have SO many other reasons to be embarrassed that this doesn't even really hit the radar.  So here it is.  It totally explains why I didn't have any followers for a very long time!  Oh and come back later for my Friday Fragments.  I hope they will be a little more entertaining than my First Day.

First Day
Well, at the encouragement of a friend, I have decided to start a blog. I have really enjoyed reading hers and keeping up to date with her via her blog. Now I can ramble on here and I won't be driving my friends crazy with my e-mails. I recently moved from Kansas to Ohio and I have been keeping my friends in KS up to date on my OH adventures, if you want to call them that. Now they can read at their leisure, or in some cases, maybe not read at all. They have a choice though, without me showing up in their inbox!

Today I made plans to have a woman from my mom's group come over on Thursday with her 7 yr. old. I have not met either of them, but I am trying to get to know people and find kiddos for my kids to play with. She extended an offer early on when we needed some friends and we are finally getting together. That's all for now.


  1. That was great! It seems a lot of us start out our blogs as "diary" entries.

  2. Deb's first post linky tourist here.

    Good start. I am always amazed by the number of bloggers that start as diarists. (Spoken by someone who has never contemplated a diary in his life.)

  3. Don't feel bad, I think we all struggled at first when we were trying to decided what direction we were going.. my first posts were lame .. not sure how much I have improved but oh well.. YOU still stalk me so I guess I can't be that bad ;)

  4. It is fun to read your first post! My first one was about "friends" too.

  5. Listen lady - don't be embarrassed - it shows what a voice you have developed out here in blogland!! I love reading the beginning and for some reason I missed out on this whole Kansas thing. So I'm glad to put that piece of info into the Kim puzzle that I am assembling. :-}

    Glad to have "met" you along the way....


  6. You've come a long way baby :)
    Hi Kim! I missed you during the week. Was away travelling and not reading other blogs. Thanks for being a faithful (and very funny) commenter.

  7. oh i am glad you decided to play along! i don't think this post truly reflects your warm, smart and funny personality, but it's not bad!

    are you still friends with the lady from the mom's group?