Monday, February 9, 2009

Mama Drama, Season Finale

For parts 1 and 2 go here. Part 1 is at the bottom, Part 2 is the top entry.

Well, Crazy Mama had the school all abuzz. The car drop-off line will proceed! Yay! It is no longer mandatory, which was what she claims to have had her panties in a wad about. However, anyone who can read between the lines really knows it's about her not wanting to admit her child is able to function without her mama and that only she, as the mama, is qualified to get her girl to class safe and sound. The "walk-in" moms, though, will have to park in a separate parking lot and take a sidewalk around the church to get to the preschool door so they are not trying to walk in between the cars in the car line. That will be wonderful for them when the rainy spring days hit! I will be waving from the driver's side of my very dry vehicle.

The school sent out a two page memo explaining this whole damn process. However, I am fairly sure when they started this "drop-off line" discussion, at the request of some parents, they had no idea Crazy Mama and others like her were lurking in their parking lot and loitering around the halls. The memo explained they were looking for ways in which to best serve the preschool families, that the drop-off line benefits parents, children and teachers; that the board and administration is responsible for making the decisions that affect daily policy and procedures and they are not required to get parent approval. I really liked that part and I'm sure Crazy Mama went berzerk over this one. "What? You are going to make a decision that impacts me and my daughter and not ask me first? Not verify that new policies and procedures won't rock my world? And that of my daughter?" I was happy to see they also pointed out that the most children coming into the building at one time is 42 kids and that we only have THREE classrooms. Crazy Mama tried to say there were SIX classrooms and 12-14 kids per class. That's the equivalent of 72-84 kids at school. Gee, math challenged are you, Crazy Mama? Proof that this woman is quite the drama queen.

The clincher was the final paragraph pointing out that the school directory is to provide social connections for play dates, car pools, etc. It is not intended to provide an open forum to discuss preschool staff, board members, children or policies. All questions should be directed to the director or board members. There Crazy Mama, you have been bitch slapped! And I think she owes me an apology for interrupting my day with her whiney-ass concerns. Maybe I should take that to the board. Request Crazy Mama and her high maintenance kid be kicked out of the school because she did not follow the rules and she did not first confirm with all of us that we wanted her crazy ass e-mails.


  1. Well at least you got some blog material out of her craziness.

  2. Holy cow! Total bitch slap. I would crawl under a rock and die if I were in her shoes...but you KNOW she's probably oblivious, because "that kind" rarely gets it! I hope she seethes a little bit at least!

  3. YES! What a deserving outcome for that crazy woman. The board members are brilliant for making the memo directly out to her without mentioning her by name.

    I truly hope this is NOT the season finale, this shit is funny!

  4. I think you and some of the other reasonable moms need to be hiding around that sidewalk one day and teach that crazy mama a lesson. We'll never tell!

  5. LMAO @ there crazy mama you got bitch slapped!!!

    Oh my this is great and proof that some people have to much time on their hands I am soooooo glad this will be my last yr in any elementary school!

  6. Ya know, you have to prepare yourself for these type women from now on. Whenever I accidentally make eye contact with a crazy beyotch, I quickly reach in my purse, grab my phone and pretend I just received an urgent call.
    Just a thought...

  7. i am almost sad that this seems to have been resolved. surely there is time left in the school year for her to stir up something else.

    i like the part about proper use of the directory. take that, crazy mama!

  8. YES YES YES! Report her for harrassing you! "Anonymously", of course. LOL

    I love that you will wave at those ladies walking their kids in on rainy days! I could just visualize that! Ha ha! Funny.