Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Fragments

Is it finally Friday? This week has dragged on forever.  My husband even tried to put the trash out on Wednesday night, thinking it was Thursday and that Friday was just a few hours away.  Apparently, the week is dragging on for him, too!  So here we go, the drool of words that makes up Friday Fragments.  Visit Mrs. 4444 for more written drool.
  • Big E's blood tests were normal. All is well and it appears, he is just an alkaline kid. No acid trips for him.
  • It wouldn't be a day in public if I didn't piss off a mom. I seem to be on a roll for pissing off moms lately. CJ (again, it's him. He's been the one out of the three of my boys with that ornery twinkle in his eye...), Big E and I were in the waiting room at the doctor's office. CJ was playing with this musical toy, which he had sitting on a kid sized table. This little boy, who was about two, walked up to the table and tried to grab it. CJ slid it off the table and put it into his own lap so the kid couldn't touch it. I told him to share, but honestly, was too lazy to get up and make a big deal out of it and the little kid didn't really seem to care and instead started making googly eyes at Big E, who played back. His mom was busy checking in and I heard her call his name. When she was finished, she came over to get him and loudly said, "I need to teach you to fight back." Huh? Your kid was the one who was taking my kid's toy. And yes, my kid was being selfish, but "fighting back?"  I promise you, if the kid had been upset about CJ's selfishness, I would have made CJ share and give the kid a turn on the damn toy. Under the circumstances, though, I'm glad I didn't. That kid came around again and CJ did the same thing. I didn't say a word. I did smile very nicely at the mom, though.
  • Holy shit! I am about to break the 50 followers barrier. Do you guys see that? Unbelievable to me. Thanks to you all for following, coming back to visit on a regular basis and leaving comments! Like all bloggers, I LOVE COMMENTS! They are often much better than my posts!
  • Speaking of holy shit, I have written more than once about the traffic jam in my colon. I am improving in this area by drinking more water and adding some Fiber Sure to my "diet." In the last couple of days I have eaten big bowls of Cheerios and granola for dinner, hoping for it to do its magic overnight. BUT NOOOOOOO! Where was I on Wednesday (Ash Wednesday, hence the reason my shit was holy.) when it kicked in? Kroger. Doing my grocery shopping. We were in the baking aisle when I finally gave in and told CJ we were going to have to go to the restroom. He was happy because he decided he needed to pee. I nearly plowed over an elderly woman with my cart trying to get there before doing the dirty deed in my undies. Obviously, I have developed some trust with this public elimination room for I have now shat there twice. We must be forming a relationship because believe me, I will do anything not to use a public restroom.
  • Twice in the last few days I have blogged about poop. What's up with that? I'm not even having a shitty week. Ba-da-bum. I'm here all week!
  • I love this time of year when I start to notice the days are getting longer. I notice it EVERY YEAR because it means spring and summer are right around the corner.
  • Georgie is heading up a Love Dare program.  One of the dares was to ask your spouse/SO what three things irritate or make him/her uncomfortable.  I asked MG this and I am happy to say he had a hard time coming up with three.  He first said he has come to love the things that bug him and he just deals with it.  I didn't let that go.  Then he said "I am afraid this is just going to get me in trouble."  He finally came up with three and they weren't anything I haven't heard before or didn't expect.  He then asked me about the three things about him.  I could only come up with two.  The third one I just threw out there as something to wish for, but it doesn't really bother me.


  1. you'd better watch it or you're going to end up developing some sort of poop dependence on the grocery store bathroom. hopefully for your sake it is open 24 hrs.

    i am digging georgie's love dare, too. so far, so good. i was scared we were going to have to have sex every day. i think i would have to just settle for a crappy marriage then.

  2. oh, and i am glad big e's tests came back ok!!!

  3. Back to read it all soon - very happy to read the tests were good!! Off to figure out why Blogger says I haven't posted in two days!


  4. OK - Blogger and I are back on "speaking" terms. Frustration.

    Poop! What's not to love? Spring is definitely heading your way - all the pear trees in the neighborhood appeared to have bloomed over night. Absolutely fairyland gorgeous!

    Just in time for freezing temps this weekend. Texas weather.

    Happy, happy Friday!!! Em

  5. Oh Lord...nothing like a good bodily function story to start off a Friday morning.

    Glad Big E's okay...

  6. I'm attempting the Love Dare too. I was amazed that my husband only said 3 things- I was certain it would have gone and on!

  7. What kind of lunatic expects two kids who just met (and haven't even done that) to share a toy made for one child to play with anyway? Think about it; would you share a magazine with a perfect stranger in a doctor's office? Don't feel bad.

    Cheerios and granola are NOT good sources of fiber, my friend. Try fresh vegetables and fruits, Silly. And if you'd rather get it from a box, go with Fiber One (the name is a hint, heehee). It's actually pretty good and works like a charm.

  8. I can just see a Pavlovian response to Kroger happening!

    I'm the mom at the Dr. who cringes when her kids touch the toys there. The thought of them leaving the office with more germs than they came in with squicks me out. I'd have been happy he defended his toy!

  9. Glad things are okay with Big E. I'm so glad you take mom-stand-off-piss-offs in stride. I completely understand a mother's need to stand up for her kid, but here's a concept: don't open your big mouth unless you saw the whole thing! And I love your poop stories; they brighten my day.

  10. Glad E is ok!! Now have yourself a great weekend!! Ok!!

  11. I can't poop in public either. I would if I had to like you did but otherwise, I'm afraid I might splash or something. LOL

  12. Is that what Robin meant when he said "Holy Shit! Batman!

    OK - that was bad :(

    BTW, I left you a little something on my blog :)

  13. Love dare? What are you guys, nuts?? Let sleeping dogs lie - is that the saying? And does that even make sense in respect to this? I have no idea - my brain is so scrambled this Friday I am choosing to try and do my first Friday Fragment post. I am inspired.

    I LOVE it when you piss off other moms - I live to read this stuff.


  14. First time visitor to your blog. LOVE it! Add me to the followers.


  15. Teach her kid to fight back?! Sigh...

    I've often paged through the Love Dare book while I've been working, and considered buying it to go through it with my husband, who is not big on the communication thing. Still might one of these days.

  16. Happy Friday! I was kind of on a poop roll for a while there too! I talk about what I know!

  17. Fiber sure, eh? I think I need some... I have some stoppage.

    Also, I was so excited for Spring today until I heard we are getting 9 inches of snow in a couple days.

    9 inches of snow is NOT good for my anal retention issues, by the way...

  18. OK, here's my input on poop movement. Lots of water, spinach, and romaine lettuce. Works great. Cheerios and granola are binding and cause constipation.
    I've pooped in the Ralphs public bathroom(owned by Kroger)and the Trader Joe's in Hermosa Beach many times... racing with at least one of my three kids in tow, too.
    Glad E is OK...happy Friday!

  19. How wonderful the blood tests came back with good news. What a relief! Speaking of relief, I am glad you were able to clear your log jam!

    That mom...WTF?? That kid probably already has some serious "mine" issues anyway.. she doesn't help.

    Keep up the good work Pissing moms off makes for a great post when you got nothin else!

  20. I LOVE the comment someone made that when her daughter pooped in the potty she said, "Do i have to do this EVERY day???"


    it's a shitty life- one way or another. :-) but shit is good.

  21. It's so nice to leave for work when the sun's already up and come home while it's still shining. :)