Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Fragments

My disorganized self is loving Friday Fragments this week, because I don't seem to be able to put a single thought together into one coherent anything.  Visit Mrs. 4444 for others like me.

Wednesday was the first day of the car drop off line. Unfortunately, Crazy Mama goes in the morning, so I didn't get the joy of watching her WALK her precious daughter from the distant parking lot IN THE RAIN. Maybe I should go sit out there one cold, blustery morning and get a photo to post.

Just like I have been unable to blog much about Octomom/Octopussy due to not being able to control my rage, I have not made much mention of Senator Burris confessing AFTER his statements at Blagojevich's impeachment trial that "oh yeah, by the way, I did talk to Gov. Blagjevich's brother about fundraising and also the Senate seat." What an ass. Did he forget this all important tidbit until after he had been confirmed? Does he think we are idiots? I am starting to believe that all politicians think we, the "average" Americans, are brainless and actually believe their stupid lies. Just because they have convinced themselves their lies are truth doesn't mean the rest of us are that gullible. Apparently, however, our Congress is gullible, because those ding-dongs approved the guy. Even I knew there was something fishy. I can't believe these are the ass hats who are running our country. Ok, I think my blood pressure stayed within the normal range.

I can't get shit done around my house.

Saturday is the movie "marathon" day. All five Oscar nominated best movies in one day. First movie starts at 10:30AM and the last movie starts at 9:45PM. We are skipping the first movie (we have seen it) to go to brunch and skipping out on part of another movie we have seen to squeeze in a quick dinner. I keep threatening to wear my PJs so I will be very comfortable all day and evening.  Visit Best Picture Showcase for AMC Theaters to see if this is showing near you.  There was NO advertising of this in our area, we just knew about it ahead of time.


  1. well at the very least you need to wear sweats....

    i guess i should look up what movies are nominated. i know slumdog millionaire is because that is what everyone is talking about, but that's it.

    i don't mean to be a pot-stirrer, but did you read about how gloria allred is arranging for full time nursing care and babysitting for octomom?!?!?!?!?!?!! this woman is never going to learn her lesson.

  2. I am still completely jealous over the whole movie marathon day! That sounds so fun (especially since you'll be able to get a couple of breaks to eat!) I would definitely be wearing my stretchy pants.

    I read your comment today, and I want to go on record as saying that I think your blog is VERY witty. And I love your comments.

  3. I wish there was a theater here doing that Oscar movie run this weekend. I've not seen any of them, and may be waiting a few more weeks until they are out on DVD so I can rent them for a buck at the Redbox, but I hate watching the Oscars this out of the loop!

  4. Everything I wanted to comment on just went out of my head thanks to Deb's Gloria Allred statement.

    I'm so angry right now I could puke. Seriously!??!?!??!


    Sigh. Enjoy all the movies. Go ahead and park in the handicapped space, don't pay for your popcorn and scream at the screen during every single frame, because evidently the world is an f'ing free-for-all. Em

  5. Okay that is sooooo cool about the movie marathon!!! I am tryin to get my FF post together now...I feel like I have been gone from the blogosphere for ever

  6. Ohmmmmm... Deep breaths....Ohmmmm :)

    Have fun at the movies, and DEFINITELY, wear your pjs!

  7. Wow! The movie marathon sounds like fun. I wouldn't have time with a wild little man running around, but it is a good idea!

  8. you know, "ass hats" is an expression that really should get more play! ;) Great post! I'm working on putting up a fabu award and you, my dear, are Fabu, so watch for it!

  9. I'm not sure I could sit in a movie theatre that long, but I think it sounds like a blast! Have fun.

  10. Movie marathon day sounds dreamy!

    I love the term "ass hats" lolololo!

    I can't talk about Octomom either because I'm 43 and need to keep my BP under control! AHHH!
    (especially since she was busted viewing a million dollar home recently while her current home is going into foreclosure!!!)

  11. The movie thing is a great deal- I wish my husband wasn't working all day, now! I can't believe I said that and meant it!

  12. I can't seem to get anything done around my house either.

    have fun at the movies tomorrow, there aren't any theaters in my area that are doing this but it sounds like a fun day.

  13. Oooooo, how'd the fun evening go? Am jealous.

    Probably not as jealous as I bet you are of me that I get to have Mr. Burris represent my state, right? Because I bet that you're SUPER DUPER jealous of that!